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Oriental & Area Rugs Only

Abrash Coloration in Rugs

Abrash coloration in rugs is the differing color patterns, colorations, and various shades or hues within a rug.  Is it an imperfection or a unique characteristic?  Explanation here...

Benefits of Area Rugs

The benefits of area rugs in your home go far beyond appearance and style such as color, pattern and texture (although those are definitely important considerations). Find out more here...

"We Cannot Clean That Rug!"

What do we really mean when we say, "We cannot clean that rug?" An honest answer can be found here...    

Rug Care Between Cleanings - 8 Essential Tips

Follow these 8 tips to ensure the proper care of your rugs between cleanings...

Chemically Washed Rugs - Buyer Beware!

Beware of chemically washed rugs!  Aggressive chemical solutions applied after production to change the appearance of a wool rug can damage the fiber irreversibly...

Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning at ABC

Rug cleaning at our ABC plant includes all types of hand made and machine-made area rugs. Our procedures explained here...

Why Cleaning Area Rugs in Your Own Home or Business is Not a Good Idea!

Cleaning area rugs in our ABC plant!  Why not in my own home or business? This is why... 

Contemporary and Collectible Rugs for the Oriental Rug Consumer

Learn what contemporary rugs are also collectible if you are a serious oriental rug consumer...

Creative Rug Displays

If you are passionate about rugs and have already run out of floor space for all your treasures, check this article out...

Are My Area Rugs Dirty Enough to Clean?

This is a very common question that is answered in this article...

Dye Bleeding in Oriental Rugs

Dye bleeding or dyes that run or bleed out from the dye sites in your rug can ruin your precious oriental rug.  Learn what causes dye bleeding and what can be done if it occurs...

Extend the Life of Your Oriental and Area Rugs - 5 Tips

To extend the life of your oriental and area rugs, follow the 5 tips given in this article...

Flatwoven Rugs - Inherent Cleaning Problems

Flatwoven rugs come in many different styles.  Consumers should be aware that there are many inherent cleaning problems with these rugs.  Find out more here…

Fringe Repair - Hand and Machine

Fringe repair on the ends of oriental and area rugs is one of the most popular repair services at ABC Oriental Rug. We can stabilize and rework the fringed ends of your oriental and area rugs to give them new life and restore their original beauty.

Cleaning Rug Fringes - Types of Problems

Cleaning rug fringes properly on Oriental and area rugs are a major concern in our rug cleaning plant.  Find out what to expect here...

How to Hang a Rug

How to hang a rug gives suggestions for several ways to hang your rug and make it a focal point in any room...

Latex Deterioration in Rugs

Beware of latex deterioration! When a backing has been applied by the rug manufacturer with latex, an adhesive material, wear and cleaning problems will most certainly arise... 

Make Room for Rugs

If you ever find yourself in the enviable position of having to make room for rugs in your home, this article is for you...

Moisture and Humidity (and Your Area Rugs)

Moisture and humidity can wreak havoc with your area rugs. This is especially evident during hot summer months with heavy periods of rain. If you are noticing odors in your home, you may want to check your area rugs. Here is what to do...

Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs offer many distinct advantages when chosen for floor coverings vs. synthetic fiber rugs or blends. we look at some of the less common natural fiber rugs which include Abaca, Bamboo, Coir, Hemp, Jute, Seagrass, and Sisal...

Abaca Natural Fiber

Abaca natural fiber is the strongest of the natural plant fibers and has a long history. Over 200 different finished products are made from this sustainable, eco-friendly fiber...

Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo rugs have been used in Asian cultures for centuries and are gaining popularity with today's consumers, especially those committed to using sustainable materials. Find out about the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo rugs here...

Coir Natural Fiber

Coir natural fiber (pronounced COY-er) is familiar to most of us as the material used to construct coarse, wiry outside doormats as well as the coarse fiber liners found in hanging flower baskets. But it is so much more...

Hemp Natural Fiber

Hemp natural fiber is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, the same plant that can produce hemp as a drug. Learn all about hemp and its uses here...

Jute Natural Fiber

Jute natural fiber is one of the most affordable natural fibers and is second only to cotton in yearly production and it’s variety of uses. Learn more here...

Seagrass Natural Fiber

Seagrass natural fiber products include rugs, clothing, furniture, and more. Learn all about the pros and cons of seagrass.

Sisal Natural Fiber

Sisal natural fiber for commercial use saw a resurgence in the early 21st century after synthetics took over in the 1980s and 90s. Learn more about sisal here...


Authentic Navajo Rug?

Is this rug an authentic Navajo rug? Here are some guidelines to help...

Navajo Chiefs Blankets

The Navajo Chiefs Blankets are often divided into several distinct types, some of which are labeled as 'phases.'

Navajo Rug ID

Navajo rug ID begins with the ability to recognize some basic regional characteristics…

Navajo Weaving History

Navajo weaving history is best seen along a timeline from their arrival in approximately 1100 to the present day...

Oriental Rugs-101

A series of articles in Oriental Rugs-101 will introduce you to this fascinating topic.

Fibers Used

Oriental Rug fibers and how they are prepared for weaving is the topic of this article...

Dyes Used

Dyes used in oriental rugs can be synthetic or natural. In this article      advantages and disadvantages of both are explored and how to tell the difference.

Design Elements

Oriental Rug design elements help determine the appeal as well as the value of these true works of art!

Construction Elements

Some basic Oriental Rug construction elements are common to the        majority of hand woven Oriental Rugs. The construction of the foundation and the knots used to construct the pile are discussed here.

Weaving and Finishing

Oriental rugs-Weaving and Finishing explores the weaving process of hand knotted and flatwoven rugs and how Oriental Rugs are finished after weaving.

Types and Formats

Oriental Rugs-Types and Formats broadly categorizes the art form of    Oriental Rugs into several types and formats, including classification by age.

Oriental Rug Glossary

An Oriental Rug Glossary with important terms and suggested                  supplemental reading.

Oriental Rugs - A Personal Account

Oriental Rugs - One woman's personal experiences with these works of art and with Iran and with one rug in particular…

Oriental Rugs by Design

Oriental Rugs by Design is a fun and fascinating way to study Oriental rugs and can lay the foundation for a lifelong love of these treasures...

Afshar Oriental Rugs

Afshar Oriental rugs  are woven by nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes in south central Iran. The art of weaving has been passed on through multiple generations. Find out more here...

Bakhtiari Oriental Rugs

Bakhtiari oriental rugs began as tribal rugs until the tribes settled in villages in Iran and the weavers learned to blend tribal with classic Persian to produce a unique rug...

Baluchi Oriental Rugs

Baluchi oriental rugs have been and still are woven by the nomadic tribes of the Baluchi people located in the region now including SE Iran, W Pakistan and S Afghanistan. These small tribal rugs have many distinctive characteristics and yet each one is unique. 

Bijar Oriental Rug

The Bijar oriental rug is not easily identified by design or repetitive use of the same pattern. Learn about this 'iron rug of Persia' and what to look for in the newer Bijars...

Bokhara Oriental Design

The unique Bokhara oriental design originated in Central Asia and has become popular all over the world with its easily recognizable features...

Dagestan Oriental Rugs

Dagestan oriental rugs were traditionally small with small-scale all over designs, soft, varied colors, and deeply ridged backs. Learn more...

Derbend Oriental Rugs

Derbend oriental rugs are one of the notable rugs produced in the Northern Caucasus mountains in what is now the Russian Republic of Dagestan. Learn more here...

Gendje Oriental Rugs

Gendje oriental rugs are type of rug woven in the Caucasus Mountain area. Rug-making in the Caucasus Mountain region has stalled, so most of the rugs from Gendje were woven over a century ago, though the weaving tradition goes all the way back to the 13th century.

Persian Gabbeh Rug

Persian Gabbeh rugs have a long history but there were many reasons why they were relatively unknown in the U.S. market until about 50 years ago...

Hamadan Oriental Rugs

Hamadan rugs come from a region of Iran with hundreds of villages creating similar and yet unique rugs from each area. A fascinating study...

Hamadan Rugs Area

A look into the Hamadan rugs area in NW Iran and their rug designs.

Heriz Oriental Rug Design

The Heriz oriental rug design is easily recognizable making it the perfect choice for the 2nd rug in our study of Oriental Rugs by Design...

Isfahan Oriental Rugs

Isfahan oriental rugs from Persia (Iran) are designed with intricate floral motifs and a central medallion and can also be found as pictorial rugs. Learn more here...

Joshagan Oriental Rugs

It is believed that Joshagan oriental rugs have been woven continuously since the 17th century and the design has remained essentially unchanged. Learn more about these beautiful rugs here...

Karabagh Oriental Rugs

Karabagh rugs have been woven for a very long history. The Karabgh region was at one time the most significant rug-producing centers of the world...

Karaja Oriental Rugs

Karaja oriental rugs from Iran have distinctive designs and construction and are very durable. Learn more here...

Kashan Oriental Rugs

Kashan oriental rugs have an easily identifiable design that has remained pretty much unchanged for centuries. This article describes these rugs...

Kazak Oriental Rugs

Kazak oriental rugs are a tribal rug from the Caucasus region. They feature large, bold geometric patterns with bright colors. Learn more about antique Kazak rugs as well as those made today...

Kerman Oriental Rug Design

The Kerman Oriental rug, a Persian city rug has had a long history. This history and the designs and construction of the rug are discussed here...

Kuba Oriental Rugs

Kuba oriental rugs are named for the region of Kuba (Quba), located in modern-day Azerbaijan. Learn about this highly collectible antique rug in its many forms.

Lilihan Oriental Rugs

Lilihan oriental rugs from Iran have had a long history, some of it a tragic one for the Armenian weavers of the 17th century. Learn more here...

Malayer Oriental Rugs

The weavers of Malayer oriental rugs were able to use classic Persian designs from both the Sarouks and the Hamadans in their art but the rugs they created were distinctly their own.

Meshad Oriental Rugs

Meshad oriental rugs are produced in the 2nd largest city in Iran. Both the Persian asymmetric and the Turkish symmetric, as well as the less common Jufti knot can be found in these rugs. Learn more here.. 

Moghan Oriental Rugs

Moghan oriental rugs were one of the more familiar of the Southern Caucasian rugs which included the Kazak, Karabagh, Gendje, Talish, and Shirvan. Find out all about them here...

Moroccan Rug Problems

Moroccan rug problems can include excessive shedding, noxious odors, and dye bleeding. These problems examined and solutions found. Learn what to look for and what to avoid...

Persian Nain Oriental Rugs

Nain oriental rugs have been woven for a relatively short time compared to other Persian rugs. Their designs are distinctive, though similar to other rugs in the area, such as Isfahans. Learn more...

Qum Oriental Rugs

Qum oriental rugs have only been woven since around the 1930s but today some of the most beautiful silk rugs are produced there. Learn more here...

Sarouk Oriental Rug Design

The Sarouk oriental rug design has had a long history with several distinctive design features making them a good study in our Oriental Rugs by Design series...

Senneh Oriental Rugs

Antique Senneh oriental rugs were unique not as much for their fine designs as for their meticulous weaving technique, producing some of the finest and thinnest oriental rugs. Learn more about them and flatwoven Senneh kilims as well here...

Shiraz Oriental Rugs

Shiraz oriental rugs, woven in and around the city of Shiraz in SW Iran, have designs similar to other tribal rugs, but with originality and a charm all their own. Learn about them here...

Shirvan Oriental Rugs

Shirvan oriental rugs were and are produced in the Shirvan region, which is part of modern-day Azerbaijan. Learn more about the Southern Caucasus Shirvan oriental rugs here...

Tabriz Oriental Rugs

Tabriz oriental rugs are woven with such diversity of designs, construction, and materials, it can be a difficult task to identify them by design alone. Here are some helpful hints...

Talish Oriental Rugs

Talish oriental rugs are important antique rugs of the Southern Caucasus region, easily recognized by their distinctive shape and design. Find out more here...

Rug Pads for Your Oriental and Area Rugs

Rug pads provide cushioning and comfort.  There are other important reasons why ABC suggests a pad for your oriental or area rug.  Find out here...

Painted Rugs

Painted rugs are a common occurrence with oriental rugs.  But why do dealers and retailers feel they have to paint rugs?  Find out here...

Paper Rugs

Paper rugs should be considered as novelty rugs. They can be artsy, interesting, amusing? But buyer beware! Find out why here...

Purchasing an Oriental Rug - 5 Guidelines

If you are planning on purchasing an oriental rug, here are 5 guidelines to help you choose and keep you from getting overwhelmed...

Rayon Area Rugs - Buyer Beware!

Rayon rugs are manufactured from natural sources such as wood or cotton but the end result is not a natural or a green fiber! Find out why here…

Rug Repair Services at ABC

Rug repair services at ABC...the different types of rugs we repair and a description of the repairs...

We Sell Rugs On Consignment

We sell rugs on consignment. What this means for the seller, the buyer, and ABC. Consignment policy spelled out.

Serge Repair - Hand and Machine

Hand serge repair to oriental and other handmade rugs is one of the repair options offered at ABC Oriental Rug in our full-service rug cleaning and repair plant. 

Cleaning Silk Fibers - Not a Do-It-Yourself Project!

Cleaning silk fibers can lead to disastrous results if not done properly.  This is definitely not a do-it-yourself project!  Find out why here...

Silk Production - An Ethical Dilemma?

Silk production has a very dark side which can cause an ethical dilemma for those who are concerned with the humane treatment of animals, large or small..

A Real Silk Rug-Is My Rug Made of Real Silk?

Have you been sold an oriental rug and told it was a real silk rug?  Chances are, you may have been misled.  Find out what you need to know here...

Safe Rug Storage

Safe rug storage includes the proper way to roll and wrap your rug to prevent moth and other insects, vermin, and mold and mildew damage...

Shag Rugs

Shag rugs may be a great decorative idea, but the cleaning challenges for the homeowner can quickly turn that idea into a terrible household reality! Find out why.

Rug Terminology Defined

Rug terminology for rug lovers-defined based on age, classification, country of origin, construction, and category...

Special Rug Treatments for Your Oriental and Area Rugs

ABC offers a number of special rug treatments for your oriental and area rugs. Anti-allergen green cleaning, dust-mite treatment, dye fix, insect live larva decontamination, moth retardation, sanitization, and soil and stain protector are discussed in this article.

Textile Insects in Rugs: What They Are and How to Prevent Them

Learn about the various textile insects that can damage your oriental and area rugs...

Tufted Rugs - Buyer Beware!

Learn to recognize tufted rugs vs. handmade rugs so you will not be fooled by the handmade appearance of tufted rugs.  

Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs have been woven in the area that is now the Republic of Turkey for centuries. A short overview and some examples...

Bergama Oriental Rugs

Bergama oriental rugs, handwoven in the Bergama district of the Izmir Province of NW Turkey has a history of rug weaving dating back to the 11th century...

Buying Rugs in Turkey

Buying rugs in Turkey? Here is some know how to take with you...

Dosemealti Oriental Rugs

Dosemealti oriental rugs are woven in the Dosemealti region of Anatolia in Southern Turkey. The rugs have many identifying characteristics. Learn more here...

Hereke Oriental Rugs

Hereke oriental rugs from Turkey are high quality rugs with a unique construction and designs taken from Turkey and Persia as well as from Egypt. Learn more...

Kars Oriental Rugs

Kars oriental rugs weavers have a history of weaving going as far back as the 16th century. Kars is located in the far NE corner of Turkey. Learn more here...

Kayseri Oriental Rugs

Kayseri oriental rugs originated in the town of Kayseri located in central Anatolia Turkey and are still producing rugs today. Learn more...

Ladik Oriental Rugs

Ladik oriental rugs were woven in central Turkey in the province of Konya. It had a long history of rug weaving. Learn about the antique Ladik rugs here... 

Milas Oriental Rugs

Milas oriental Rugs (Melas) are Turkish rugs woven in the district of Milas in Mugla Province in southwestern Turkey with distinctive designs and colors...

Turkish Rug Motifs

Turkish rug motifs carry valuable traditional messages from the depths of history to the present. Learn more here...

Yahyali Oriental Rugs

Yahyali oriental rugs are woven in the town of Yahyali, also the southernmost district in the province of Kayseri in Turkey. Learn about these rugs here...

Urine on Oriental Rugs - 2 Steps to Take Right Away to Minimize Damage

Urine on oriental rugs?  Don't panic!  If you follow these 2 steps as soon as possible, you may be able to avoid further damage...

Assessing the Value of Handmade Rugs

To assess the value of handmade rugs, use a professionally trained and experienced rug company such as ABC Oriental Rug.  We can help you identify and determine the value of handmade as well as machine-made rugs.

Viscose Rugs

Viscose rugs or viscose rayon rugs are inferior fibers, manufactured to copy the attributes of silk without the prohibitive cost. Inherent problems exist...

White Knots in Oriental Rugs

White knots in oriental rugs are an inherent characteristic of authentic oriental rugs. What they are, how to deal with them, why they occur, etc.

Wrinkled Rugs

Wrinkled Rugs--Why do some rugs wrinkle? Find out here...

Wall-to-Wall Carpet Only

Carpet Cleaning at ABC

Carpet cleaning at ABC has been one of the mainstays of our business.  Here is some of our history and some FAQs...

A Healthy Alternative

A healthy alternative to hard surface flooring is wall-to-wall carpet for your home. Several misconceptions are discussed here...

Carpet Cleaning is Good for Business

Carpet cleaning is good for business. An explanation and 10 reasons can be found here...

The Case for the Return of Wall-To-Wall Carpet

The case for the return of wall-to-wall carpet is demonstrated in this article...

How to Choose Carpet Fiber

How to choose carpet fiber? For the best carpet fiber for your home, the answer is here...

Choosing Carpeting or Wood Flooring?

Carpeting or wood flooring?  Which to choose?  Here are some facts to help you, especially if you are 'on the fence'....

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning is different from residential carpet cleaning. Here is why and what the different procedures are...

DIY Carpet Cleaning - Does It Really Save Money?

DIY carpet cleaning-does it really save you money to do-it-yourself?  Find out here...

Environmentally Responsible Carpet Cleaning

Environmentally responsible carpet cleaning is the only way a professional carpet cleaning company should operate today. Here is what ABC offers...

Extend Your Carpet Life - Essential Tips

Here are some essential tips to extend your carpet life, one of the most expensive investments in your home...

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning. If you cannot find your answers here, please contact us and we will do the research and add it to this page...

Hire A Carpet Pro

Why hire a carpet pro? Here are 5 very good reasons why...

Carpet Installation

Proper wall-to-wall carpet installation procedures for extending carpet life and beauty...

Location Carpet Cleaning - What to Expect

You have scheduled location carpet cleaning in your home or business.  Do you know what to expect from the carpet cleaning technician?  Here is what to expect from ABC...

Carpet Maintenance

Tips for proper carpet maintenance in order to protect your investment…

Purchasing New Carpet - How to Choose Wisely!

Are you thinking of purchasing new wall-to-wall carpet? Ask yourself some important questions and learn what carpet fibers may be most suitable for you current needs...

Reappearing Spots and Spills After Professional Cleaning

There are several explanations for reappearing spots and spills after a carpet, rug, and/or furniture cleaning.  Find out why here...

Residential Carpet Styles

The number of residential carpet styles available today can be overwhelming. Let us show you there are really 4 main categories...

Soil Filtration Lines

Find out what causes those dark lines around the perimeter of rooms, under draperies, under furniture, under doors, etc...

Wet vs Dry Carpet Cleaning

Which method is best? Find out here...

US Carpet Manufacture

US carpet manufacture has an interesting history. Starting in the NE in 1791, the shift from the North to the South happened around 1950. Find out the how and why and more...

Winter Carpet Cleaning - Why?

There are many good reasons to have your carpets cleaned during the winter months...

RUGS and Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Adult Dog Urine "Accidents?" - 6 Steps to Help Alleviate Damage

Adult dog urine "accidents" can be even more challenging than trying to housebreak a puppy.  Here are some tips...

Allergy Relief Treatment

If you suffer from allergies such as asthma, sinusitis, dust mites, pet dander, etc., our Allergy Relief Treatment may be the answer for you...

Area Rugs on Carpet

Placing area rugs on carpet (wall-to-wall) doesn't have to be challenging.  We have gathered some basic guidance for you...

Asthma and Wool - The Truth

This article examines the supposed bad connection between asthma and wool and dispels the myth.

Benefits of Area Rugs

The benefits of area rugs in your home go far beyond appearance and style such as color, pattern and texture (although those are definitely important considerations). Find out more here...

Better Health with Carpet & Rugs

Better health for your home environment can be achieved by wall-to-wall carpet and area rugs which trap allergens from the air. But it is important to clean carpet regularly...

Candle Wax Removal From a Carpet or Area Rug

Do-it-yourself tips for candle wax removal on wall-to-wall carpets and oriental and area rugs.

Dry Rot Damage in Rugs, Wall-to-Wall Carpet, and Fabric

Dry rot damage is a lengthy, slow, but relentless deterioration and weakening of fibers leading eventually to rips, tears, slits or other structural damage.  Learn how to avoid this type of damage.

Flatten a Folded Rug

Flatten a folded rug? This is a question that must be straightened out (pun intended).

Flood? - 3 Steps to Take Right Away

A flood must be dealt with as quickly as possible or the growth of mold and mildew will make restoration more difficult and more expensive.  Here are 3 steps to take...

Flood Damage Restoration

The flood damage restoration information in this article can help answer the question: Help! We’ve had a flood and my carpets and rugs are soaked! What should I do?

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew.  What are they?  How do you get rid of them?  How do you prevent them?  All the info is here...

Mold or Mildew?

Mold or mildew?  How to tell?  What are the similarities and the differences?  Find out here...

Prevent Mold and Mildew

4 Steps provided to help prevent mold and mildew from invading your home or business environment.

About Moths

Learn why moth infestation can occur not only when furnishings are wool.  Learn how to get rid of and how to prevent moths from damaging your possessions here...

More About Moths

This article discusses more about moths that eat our furnishings including the 2 types, how to know if you have them, how to get rid of them, etc.

Moths in Your Rugs

Finding moths in your rugs is more common than you might think. Here is the dark side...

Pet Friendly Carpets & Rugs

Recommendations for pet friendly carpets and rugs options for homes with dogs and cats.

Rippling and Buckling in Rugs and Carpets

Rippling and buckling can result from tension problems, moisture, etc. in textiles.  Learn how these happen, how to prevent them, and how to alleviate them properly here...

Shading and Pile Reversal in Rugs and Carpet

Shading and pile reversal can cause areas of a carpet or a rug to appear to be lighter or darker than the rest of the carpet.   Find out why and how to avoid this condition here...

Shedding Area Rugs

Shedding area rugs and what to do about them is a customer question that comes up quite often. An area rug may shed for many different reasons...

Soil & Stain Protector

Requesting a soil and stain protector application after a carpet, rug or furniture cleaning will give you peace of mind...


Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum removal from carpets, rugs, and fabric takes a bit but is not very hard to remove when you know the proper procedure...

Sun Fading of Textiles

Sun fading will cause colors in indoor textiles (carpet, upholstery, draperies, wall coverings, and rugs) to lighten and fade over time. Learn how to minimize the damage here...

Vacuum Correctly

Vacuum correctly and vacuum often and you will be properly maintaining your textile possessions.  Tips on vacuuming correctly, efficiently, and effectively...

Maintaining Your Vacuum

Maintaining your vacuum is your best weapon against untimely replacement of your carpet, rugs, and upholstery fibers.  Find tips here…

Top Vacuums - Pick Tips

Top Vacuums-Pick Tips will help you to make a decision on the best vacuum for your needs. Includes top vacuum picks from Consumer Reports.

All About Wool - Facts That May Take You By Surprise

All about wool, all-natural, renewable, and biodegradable. Surprising facts about wool fiber and its impact on the environment…

Choosing Wool Carpet or Rug - Good News or Baaaad?

Choosing Wool - Good or baaaad?  Did you know that choosing a wool carpet or rug for your home is both good news...and sometimes bad? Find out why here?

Cleaning in General Including
DIY and Green Cleaning

Antibacterial Products-Reasons Why NOT to Use Them!

Antibacterial products can actually be more harmful than helpful.  Learn why we should not use them regularly and when we MUST use them...

Cleaning Granite Countertops

Cleaning granite countertops may pose a challenge for some unless some basic precautions are taken. Here are the proper cleaning granite countertops procedures and materials...

Chlorine Bleach-Health Hazards of Mixing with Other Products

Mixing chlorine bleach with some other common household products can be dangerous and even lead to death...

DIY Green Cleaning

DIY green cleaning is an important topic, especially in today's world where toxic chemicals can be hiding in everyday commercial cleaning solutions...

What's in YOUR Green Cleaning Arsenal?

What's in your green cleaning arsenal?  Use common household ingredients to treat spots and spills successfully...

DIY Odor Removal Tips

Some DIY odor removal tips, such as skunk odor, from ABC's DIY cleaning arsenal...

6 Ways to Remove Spots and Spills With 7 Ingredients 

A continuation of What's in YOUR Green Cleaning Arsenal...6 ways to remove spots and spills with 7 household ingredients.

10 Favorite Cleaning Hacks

Here are 10 favorite cleaning hacks to make some of your least favorite cleaning chores easier...

Green Cleaning Options

Green cleaning options, avoiding toxic commercial chemicals, can bring about excellent results...

Green Cleaning Solutions

Green cleaning solutions-Do you think they can't work?  Check this article out and you may want to start avoiding those commercial toxic cleaning chemicals…

10 Germ Magnets Lurking in Some Ordinary Places in Your Home

Here are 10 germ magnets hiding in everyday places in your home. It is easy to forget to pay attention to these...

Red Wine Stain Remover

Have you ever needed a red wine stain remover? How about blood? We have the answer at ABC...

Wood Floor Coverings and Alternatives

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has become very popular of late. Find out why, advantages, disadvantages, etc. here...

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is an excellent alternative to solid hardwood flooring. Find out all about it here...

Hardwood Flooring

An overview of solid hardwood flooring including types, installation, maintenance, and the Janka Hardness Scale.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has advantages and disadvantages when compared to hardwood and engineered wood flooring...

Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Cleaning laminate flooring properly will help to keep this flooring in 'showroom condition' for a long time. Here are some tips...

Other Flooring Options

Other flooring options to wood flooring are currently available. This article briefly discusses 3 alternatives to wood flooring, Eucalyptus, Cork, and Reclaimed Wood.

Pet Friendly Flooring

We recommend pet friendly flooring options for homes with cats and dogs.

Upholstered and Wood Furniture

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Proper leather upholstery cleaning and maintenance will go a long way toward preserving its durability and beauty. Here are some tips...

Pet Friendly Upholstery Fabric

Searching for pet friendly upholstery fabric? Learn how to choose the best ones for homes with cats and dogs here...

Removing Furniture Scratches-15 DIY Tricks

Removing furniture scratches can add years to the useful life and appearance of your wood furniture. Here are some Do-It-Yourself tricks to try...

Upholstery Fabric ID

Upholstery fabric ID can provide a consumer with the crucial information needed to make an informed purchase decision. Learn more here...

Washing Cushion Covers

Should you be washing cushion covers like normal laundry? We give you the answer and the reasons why here...

Ceramic Tile & Grout
Cleaning & Sealing

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is an extremely popular choice for the floors in our homes today. Here are important guidelines about the types and sizes, installation concerns, durability, and of course, cleaning and maintenance...

Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Ceramic tile cleaning (and grout as well) can be one of the most time-consuming, messiest, and back-breaking jobs. Here are some tips for you...


Grout. What is it really? Find out what it is and why it is needed here...

Grout Sealing

Have you scheduled a tile and grout cleaning and wonder if you also need grout sealing? Find the answer here...

Health and Environmental Concerns

A Healthy Cleaning Environment vs. Harmful Everyday Products

A healthy cleaning environment warns of the dangers of using certain widely accepted cleaning products...

Air Purifying Houseplants

Air purifying houseplants? You bet! The best remove pollutants from the air and are non-toxic.

Toxic Air Purifying Houseplants

Toxic air purifying houseplants will do a great job in the home as long as there are no pets or small children.


Alzheimer's is a very pervasive disease, touching nearly everyone. Here are some facts we learned during our Campaign to donate funds to the Alzheimer's Association...

Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo clothing is an application of bamboo that has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Sweaters, bathing suits, underwear, t-shirts, and socks, as well as hats, shoes and other lines of clothing have entered the marketplace. There are ethical questions though...


The bedbugs are back and we will give you the truth about what to look for and how to protect yourself from these disgusting little creatures...

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are small insect pests that can cause a large amount of damage if left alone. Find out all about them here...

DIY Bedbug Help

DIY bedbug help may come in handy if you suspect you may have some bedbugs or a beginning infestation. Full blown infestations may require a licensed pest control operator...

Child Labor in the Weaving Industry and Others

Child labor and forced or bonded labor are prevalent in several countries where weaving is the major source of income for a family. Find out more here...

Dust Mites

Dust mites, those tiny creatures that can cause an array of allergy and asthma problems, are not parasites. Find out what they are, what they do, how to avoid them and more here...

Essential Oils Air Fresheners

Homemade essential oils air fresheners can be easily constructed and are a healthy alternative to commercial air fresheners...

The 5 Second Rule and Food Safety

The 5 Second rule! You know, the one we use when we furtively pick up that piece of cookie we just dropped before anyone sees us. How could scooping up a fallen piece of food in 5 seconds or less compromise the safety of eating that delicious little morsel? Is it just an urban legend? Is there some truth to it? Find out here...

Food Expiration Dates

Food expiration dates can be very confusing for the consumer. It is important to know they are not federally regulated and their arbitrary use may result in consumers discarding otherwise wholesome food.

Freezing Foods Safely

Freezing foods safely is a priority for all of us. Foods we typically freeze regularly like meat, certain vegetables, ice cream, etc., are obvious, but there are many other common foods that can be frozen as well, some you may not be aware of.

Fridge, Counter or Pantry Storage?

Which groceries go where? Learn the best place to store your groceries so they last longer and taste better, saving you time and money...

Gift A Tree

Gift a tree this holiday season and help with sustainability and reforestation on our planet...

Home Health Hazards-Dust Mites, Mold, and Moths

Here are some home health hazards to be aware of and what to do about them. 3 of them will be discussed here...dust mites, mold, and moths.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a very important environmental consideration, especially since the majority of us spend a majority of our time in an indoor environment.

Keeping Foods Fresh

Keeping foods fresh, whether buying groceries for a week, month, or longer can save time and money because food spoilage is wasteful and costly. Here are some tips...

Know Your Plastics

Why know your plastics? Because we must all be aware of the tremendous negative impact the use of plastics has had and continues to have on us and on our environment...

Obsession With Cleanliness?

Is our obsession with cleanliness making us ill? A book to read and a warning...

Ocean Garbage Update

Here is an ocean garbage update: A 22 year old has come up with a feasible plan to clean up our ocean garbage patches...

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is an amazing nonprofit organization. We have researched the work they do and we are now considering the option of supporting and partnering with them. Please read this article and give us your feedback...

Portable Device Pains

Portable device pains can become an issue for those of us who have accepted the awesome technology of cellphones, tablets, and laptops as part and parcel of our everyday lives. Find out how this phenomenon can affect us and what to do about it here...

Portable Heaters

Portable heaters may be a possible purchase option for those of us going through the ravages of a bitter cold winter. There are safety concerns to consider...

Reduce Plastic Waste

Suggested ways to reduce plastic waste and the pollution that results...

Plastic Recycling Codes

Plastic Recycling Codes or Resin Identification Codes and how to use them...     


Salmon is not just a single species of fish. This article describes the different types of salmon and why wild-caught is more healthy than farm-raised.

Should We Wash Fruits and Veggies Before Cooking or Eating?

Should we wash fruits and veggies before cooking or eating? One answer can be found here...

Sleeping With Pets - Good Idea or Bad?

Is sleeping with pets a good idea or a bad idea? There are many advantages as well as obvious disadvantages...

Smart Homes for Seniors

Smart homes for senors can contain technological gadgets to aid with vision, hearing, memory problems, and mobility, etc., all areas in which elderly persons in otherwise relatively good health could be able to live independently in their own homes much longer...


All about the dangers of soot and the damage it can do...

Pet Hair Removal Tips

Constant pet hair removal is one of the most frustrating challenges we face when we make the decision to share our homes with our furry friends. Here are some tips...

Spider Myths Debunked

Spider myths abound. Which are true? Which are not? Are spiders our enemies or our friends, find out here...

Windowsill Herb Water Garden

A windowsill herb water garden is beautiful and so handy for the cook of the house. Learn how to successfully grow herbs in water...


ABC-RCAD-What is it?

What is the ABC RCAD? It's our Regular Customer Appreciation Discount! Here is a quick history and the discounts for Jan thru Mar 2018...

Children and Chores

Children and Chores…Why do they always appear to be on 2 opposite sides of the pole? Why are parents almost always met with tantrums? Here are some hints...

Cold Weather

Cold weather can have a negative effect on our bodies and our health. Learn why here...

Dog Myths Debunked

Dog myths debunked examines some 'generally accepted as true' misconceptions about dogs. How many of these have you heard?

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention week is October 6-12, 2019. Here are some safety tips.

Fireworks Safety

Fireworks safety comes up every year with the advent of our much-loved tradition of the July 4th holiday and they can and should be used safely. But beware...

Flag Day - June 14

Flag day-June 14 is not a national holiday everywhere in the nation. What is the meaning of Flag Day and why on June 14th each year?...

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes not only mean the inconvenient lack of water, they also can burst, causing an expensive repair problem. Find out what to do to thaw and prevent...

Heart-Lung Machines

Heart-Lung Machines save hundreds of thousands of lives each year. For February, Heart Health Month, the amazing story of the 1st heart-lung machine...

History of ABC

The history of ABC Oriental Rug & Carpet Cleaning Co from its formation in 1971 to the present - nearly 50 years...

Hot Dogs

July 4th and hot dogs. As American as apple pie. Here are some fun facts about July 4th and hot dogs.

'Hotel Horrors' - Resolved!

'Hotel horrors' can be used to describe a real phobia of hotels. See how this phobia can be resolved...

Home Safety

Home safety, wherever we live, is one of our most important objectives. In this article we discuss a few things that can compromise our home safety, especially in the area of fire prevention...

Leap Year

2020 is a leap year with Leap Day being February 29, 2020. So perhaps it is time to review the science behind Leap Year and Leap Day...


Minimalism is the art of letting go of things that interfere with how we wish to spend our time. Find out the benefits and how to start...

Month of March

The month of March brings us much to be grateful for. Here are a few special days this March 2020 with a pledge request and a bit of history as well...

Navajo Code Talkers

Navajo Code Talkers and Navajo Marines were among the over 16 million Americans who served during WWII but the Navajos were not honored until 1968. Find out why...

Paint Spill Cleanup

Who hasn't needed a paint spill cleanup? Do-It-Yourselfers are notorious for paint splatters and tipped over buckets! Prevention includes moving as much as possible and covering the rest. But disaster can still strike! Find out what to do here...

Pumpkin Pie

What do you know about pumpkin pie? Here are some fun facts...

Ransomware - Beware!

Ransomware, a malicious software or malware used by hackers to lock out the user on a PC and demand a ransom to regain access. Learn what and what NOT to do.

Soul Cakes

Soul cakes may have been the precursor to our modern-day trick or treating at Halloween. Find out more here...

Spring Cleaning Yesterday and Today

Spring Cleaning Yesterday and Today looks at the differences between the spring cleaning tasks of families in the 19th century and those of today. A look also at some of the inventions up through the early 20th century that helped to lighten the load a bit.

The Mother of Thanksgiving

The mother of Thanksgiving...She was a woman of her time and ahead of her time. Find out more about this amazing woman and check out her special recipe...

Veterans Day - November 11

Did you know that Veterans Day is always written without an apostrophe? Find out why and view some interesting facts about this day...

White House Easter Egg Roll

The White House Easter egg roll is as American as Apple Pie! But, do you know the history? Find out here...


Anti-Vaccination Movement

The anti-vaccine movement in our country and around the world may be of special concern because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out why here...

Cleaning for Health and COVID-19

An article on the importance of cleaning for health, especially in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, what we know, what we don't, what to do and not to do, etc...

Herd Immunity and COVID-19

Herd immunity and COVID-19? If everyone gets infected, we’ll eventually develop herd immunity against COVID-19 and everything will be OK. But, will it?

Soaps, Sanitizers, and Disinfectants

Soaps, Sanitizers, and Disinfectants--How to effectively prevent COVID-19 infections...

Typhoid Mary and COVID-19

Typhoid Mary and COVID-19. The first case of the asymptomatic spread of disease by a human carrier. Though Typhoid is a bacteria, this story relates to today...

COVID-19  FAQs Update

COVID-19 FAQs Update answers several pressing questions about the COVID-19 pandemic as data and more information continues to pour in...

Top of Articles - Answers to Your FAQs

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Oriental &
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ABRASH Coloration in Rugs

Benefits of AREA RUGS


Rug CARE Between Cleanings


Area & Oriental Rug CLEANING at ABC





DYE BLEEDING in Oriental Rugs

EXTEND the LIFE of Your Rugs


FRINGE REPAIR-Hand and Machine




Make ROOM for RUGS

MOISTURE & HUMIDITY (and Your Area Rugs


     ABACA Natural Fiber

     BAMBOO Rugs

    COIR Natural Fiber

     HEMP Natural Fiber

     JUTE Natural Fiber

     SEAGRASS Natural Fiber

     SISAL Natural Fiber


    Authentic Navajo Rug?

    Navajo Chiefs Blankets

    Navajo Rug ID

    Navajo Weaving History


    Fibers Used

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      Design Elements 

      Construction Elements

    Weaving and Finishing

      Types and Formats

      Oriental Rug Glossary

Oriental Rugs-A Personal Account

Oriental Rugs by Design

AFSHAR Oriental Rugs

BAKHTIARI Oriental Rugs

BALUCHI Oriental Rugs

BIJAR Oriental Rug

BOKHARA Oriental Rug Design

DAGESTAN Oriental Rugs

DERBEND Oriental Rugs

GENDJE Oriental Rugs

Persian GABBEH Rugs

HAMADAN Oriental Rugs


HERIZ Oriental Rug Design  

ISFAHAN Oriental Rugs

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KASHAN Oriental Rugs

KAZAK Oriental Rugs

KERMAN Oriental Rug Design

KUBA Oriental Rugs

LILIHAN Oriental Rugs

MALAYER Oriental Rugs

MESHAD Oriental Rugs

MOGHAN Oriental Rugs

MOROCCAN Rug Problems

NAIN Oriental Rugs

QUM Oriental Rugs

SAROUK Oriental Rug Design

SENNEH Oriental Rugs

SHIRAZ Oriental Rugs

SHIRVAN Oriental Rugs

TABRIZ Oriental Rugs

TALISH Oriental Rugs




PURCHASING an Oriental Rug-5 Guidelines

RAYON Area Rugs


We Sell Rugs on Consignment

SERGE REPAIR-Hand and Machine


SILK Production Dilemma






Textile INSECTS in Rugs

TUFTED RUGS-Buyer Beware!


      Bergama Oriental Rugs

      Buying Rugs in TURKEY

     Dosemealti Oriental Rugs

     HEREKE Oriental Rugs 

     KARS Oriental Rugs

     KAYSERI Oriental Rugs

     LADIK Oriental Rugs

     MILAS Oriental Rugs

     Turkish Rugs MOTIFS

     YAHYALI Oriental Rugs

URINE Damage on Orientals

Assessing the VALUE of HANDMADE RUGS


WHITE KNOTS in Oriental Rugs

Wrinkled Rugs

Wall-to-Wall Carpet Only

Carpet Cleaning at ABC

A Healthy Alternative

CARPET CLEANING is Good for Business


How to CHOOSE Carpet Fiber

CHOOSING Carpeting or Wood


DIY CARPET CLEANING- Does It Really Save Money?


Extend Your Carpet Life-Essential Tips







Reappearing SPOTS & SPILLS


Soil Filtration Lines




Rugs &


ALLERGY Relief Treatment


ASTHMA and WOOL-The Truth

Benefits of AREA RUGS

BETTER HEALTh with Carpet and Rugs


DRY ROT Damage

FLATTEN a Folded Rug

FLOOD?  3 Steps to Take





Prevent MOLD and MILDEW


More About MOTHS

MOTHS in Your Rugs






     CHEWING GUM Removal


VACUUM Correctly 

Maintaining Your VACUUM

Top VACUUMS-Pick Tips

All About WOOL

Choosing Wool-Good News or Baaad?



Chlorine BLEACH - Hazards

Cleaning GRANITE Countertops




Ways to Remove SPOTS

10 Favorite CLEANING Hacks



10 GERM MAGNETS Lurking in Some Ordinary Places in Your Home

RED WINE Stain Remover


BAMBOO Flooring




Cleaning LAMINATE Flooring




LEATHER Upholstery Cleaning




Washing Cushion Covers







A HEALTHY CLEANING ENVIRONMENT vs. Harmful Everyday Products


Toxic AIR PURIFYING Houseplants






CHILD LABOR in the Weaving Industry and Others



The 5 SECOND RULE and Food Safety



Fridge, Counter or Pantry Storage?

Gift a TREE

Home Health HAZARDS

Indoor Air Quality



Obsession with CLEANLINESS?


One TREE Planted

Portable Device Pains


Reduce PLASTIC Waste

PLASTIC Recycling Codes


Should We Wash Fruits and Veggies Before Eating and Cooking?

Sleeping With Pets-Good Idea or Bad?

Smart Homes for Seniors


Pet Hair Removal Tips

Spider Myths Debunked

Windowsill Herb Water Garden


ABC-RCAD-What is it?

Children and Chores


Dog Myths Debunked

Fire Prevention

Fireworks Safety

FLAG DAY - June 14

Frozen PIPES


History of ABC

Home Safety

Hot Dogs

'Hotel Horrors' - Resolved!





Paint Spill Cleanup

Pumpkin Pie



Spring Cleaning-Yesterday and Today


Veterans Day - November 11



Anti-Vaccination Movement

Cleaning for Health

Herd Immunity & COVID-19

Soaps, Sanitizers, and Disinfectants