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We would like to make a case for the return of wall-to-wall carpet in this article. Carpet use in homes, businesses, and schools has been in decline in recent years. The current design trend is to cover hard surfaces with wood, man made flooring or tile rather than wall-to-wall carpet.

Carpet in homes has been relegated to the bedrooms and halls of the upper floor. Even in businesses today, tile is more often than not the preferred hard surface covering. Many years ago, a misconception about carpet and indoor air quality led to many schools removing the carpeting from their floors.

Wood and tile have their strong points but the benefits of wall-to-wall carpet are many-fold and provide a strong case for the return of wall-to-wall carpet to the home, the business, and the school.


Carpet actually improves indoor air quality!

The wall-to-wall carpet in the built environment acts as a filter for the indoor air, trapping dust and allergens that would normally remain free when kicked up by normal foot traffic. Of course, since the carpet will be eventually become saturated, it is necessary to vacuum regularly long before that happens.

On wood and tile floors, these dust and allergen particles have nowhere to go but up into the air. As a result, wood and tile floors tend to need more constant maintenance than carpeted areas in order to keep the indoor air quality at an acceptable level or above.

Carpet provides a cozy and warm surface. 

Wall-to-wall carpet is perfect for comfortable sitting, playing or working. Carpet actually has an R-value since it will retain warm air longer, a definite energy conservation benefit for colder climates.

Carpet helps to soften slips and falls.

This is an extremely important benefit especially when toddlers and older persons are present. Carpet also cushions our footsteps, providing a comfort benefit.

Carpet can add style and beauty to any room.

The myriad number of styles, patterns, materials, and colors offered by today’s carpet manufacturers can please the taste of even the most discerning consumer. Carpets that are environmentally friendly and sustainable and those that are also pet friendly have recently pushed their way to the front of the carpet market.

Carpet can reduce everyday inside noise.

So many sounds accompany the technology ‘improvements’ in our homes, businesses, and schools today. Wall-to-wall carpet helps to absorb these sounds and can also serve as a sound barrier between floors and on stairs.

Carpet (along with a suitable pad) in the workplace offers an ergonomically sound choice.

Wall-to-wall carpet can actually help with shock absorption and tends to support feet better, leading to a lessening of pain in feet, knee, and hip joints, as well as the lower spine pain.


Should you find yourself in charge of the purchase of wall-to-wall carpet in a home, business or school, after the design choice has been made installation and maintenance are the next 2 most important factors to consider. These 2 factors will help to determine the longevity and usefulness of the carpet in the chosen environment.

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