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The videos on this page are here to visually help our ABC customers in many different ways.  From identifying different types of oriental rugs to ways to prevent moths, we hope these videos will add to your enjoyment and knowledge.

As with the articles on this website, we have divided the videos into categories and we will continue to add videos as they become available.

The videos are divided into the following categories:

  • Oriental and Area Rugs
  • Wall-to-Wall Carpet 
  • Rugs and Wall-to-Wall Carpet
  • Upholstered Furniture
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Miscellaneous

Each video is accompanied by a brief description and a link to an associated article.

Oriental & Area Rugs Only

It's What We Do!

Hamadan Oriental Rugs

This video highlights a number of beautiful rugs from the Hamadan district of Iran.

How to Properly Fold a Rug

Is your car too small to bring your rug in to be washed? Watch this video to see an easy way to properly fold a rug, especially a big one.  

Braided Rug Repair

This video shows a technician repairing a braided rug by hand.

4-Step Guide to Quality in Oriental Rugs

A very well-done short video on how to quickly judge quality in oriental rugs.

KPSI-Knot Per Square Inch in Oriental Rugs

KPSI is a quality measure used to determine knot density in Oriental Rugs.

This video is a 'How to' for quick and easy ways to determine the approximate KPSI in Oriental hand knotted rugs.

Use a quarter, and count 'em!

How to Hang Hooked Rugs

A simple method for hanging your hooked rugs.

How to Hang Navajo Rugs

Learn the proper way to hang a Navajo rug or blanket including what not to do.

Navajo Rug Weaving - Monument Valley

A video about Navajo rug weaving posted by Native Americans.

Would You Hang Rugs on Your Wall?

Bazaar Chic? … Or just bizarre? 

How to Tell if a Rug is Hand-Tufted, Handmade, or  Machine Made

The video explains some of the differences between Hand-Tufted Rugs, Hand-Made Rugs, and Machine Made Rugs.

Differences Between Hand and Machine Tufted Rugs and Handmade

A short video comparing tufted and handmade rugs.

Beware of Tufted Rugs!

And the video explains why...

A Turkish Rug Demo

This is an interesting video to gain some insight into the different types of Turkish oriental rugs being sold today.

Common Persian Rug Symbolism

Learn a bit about some traditional Persian Rug Symbols. You will find: water, plants and animal life, Birds of Paradise, Parrots, Antelopes, and more...

Reading Rugs (Understanding the symbols and images in Persian Rugs)

An excellent short video about the symbols & images in Persian Rugs.

Old Mosque in Nain, Iran

This Mosque dates back to the 10th century!

Tabriz Oriental Rugs

An introduction to the oriental rugs of Tabriz in NW Iran.

Tabriz-The City and Its Rugs

An informative short video about Tabriz and its rug weaving industry.

Navajo Spirit Lines

The spirit line and its meaning in native American weavings.

How to ID a Navajo Rug

Native American Indian Rugs and Blankets how to identify a Navajo Rug...

How to Value a Navajo Weaving

Five Factors To Value Native American Navajo Rugs and Blankets...

How to Identify a Navajo Chiefs Blanket

Learn to identify Early Navajo weavings from one of the experts in the field Dr. Mark Sublette owner of Medicine Man Gallery.

Navajo Weavers Carry on Centuries-Old Tradition

Learn more about the Navajo weavers and their art...

Bamboo - The The Man's Timber

Interesting facts about Bamboo...

Making Seagrass Basket in the Philippines

Partnering with One Tree Planted



How to remove most spots and spills with just water and 7 household ingredients!

Soil and Stain Protector

Why apply a Soil and Stain Protector after cleaning.

How Its Made - Wool

An interesting look at how wool is manufactured.

How to Make Sleeping Mats for Homeless People from Plastic Bags

Instructions on one way to reuse plastics.

A Sea Turtle is Rescued

A sea turtle with plastic netting around its neck is rescued by kayakers and returned to sea.

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