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Purchasing an Oriental Rug-
5 Guidelines

Are you thinking of purchasing an oriental rug but are concerned about how to go about choosing one? Does it intimidate you that some oriental rugs can sell at well-known auctions for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars? Are you worried you may end up having to spend more than a rug is worth?

With so many variables of color, design, and price, it is not an easy task to choose just the right rug for your décor and your pocketbook. Here are 5 guidelines to help you:

#1  Always Go To A Reputable Dealer 
When Purchasing an Oriental Rug

You may want to stay away from 'going-out-of business' sales or traveling auctions. Many of these rugs have been in floods, or poorly repaired, and some even painted to hide defects. 

#2  Ask About A Return Policy

A reputable dealer will usually let you buy a rug and try it at home to see how it looks on your floor, in your home lighting, and how it fits into your own décor. If the rug turns out not to be what you wanted, you should be able to return it and receive a full refund.

#3  Browse. Browse. Browse.

See as many rugs as you possibly can. The more rugs you look at, the more you will begin to narrow down what you really like in the many different styles and color palettes.

#4  Don't Get Overwhelmed!

It would be helpful if you have some idea of approximately what size area you wish to cover or what colors you particularly like and would fit into your décor before you start looking at rugs. 

Remember that some rugs will look equally beautiful on a wall, draped over a stair railing, thrown over a sofa, etc., as well as on a floor.

#5 Purchasing an Oriental Rug is Like
Purchasing a Piece of Artwork

Allow yourself to become emotionally attached to the rug you finally choose, just as if it was a painting. A rug should call out to you. It should make you smile! An oriental rug brings warmth to any décor and each one is different from every other one. The choice is totally yours!

ABC Can Help You Choose!

At ABC, we would love to look at any oriental rug you are thinking of purchasing. We would be happy to give you our opinion on whether or not you are making a wise monetary decision, based on the construction, age, and quality of the rug. 

Call our office in Ithaca at (607)-272-1566 or email us a photo at (let us see the back as well as the front of the rug). You can also contact us here. Enjoy your search for the perfect oriental rug!

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