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Edna St. Vincent Millay

Edna St. Vincent Millay was a poet whose works challenged traditional boundaries & definitions, especially a woman’s sexual freedom and right to pleasure...

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Boost Your Immune System

Boost your immune system. Find out the scientific truth behind this statement here...

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ABC Newsletters

Access current and past ABC Newsletters here...

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ABC Newsletter - December-2020

Here is your December 2020 Newsletter-COVID-19 & mRNA Vaccines, Baluchi Oriental Rugs, Contemporary Chinese Rugs, Stephen Collins Foster, and more...

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ABC Oriental Rug|Ithaca|Cortland|Cazenovia|Skaneateles||Fayetteville|Dewitt

ABC Oriental Rug will wash and repair your oriental and area rugs in our own certified rug washing plant. We are the experts in rug washing and carpet and upholstery cleaning!

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Articles that will provide answers to your FAQs are presented here. If you cannot find your answers here, please contact us and we will do the research and add it to this page...

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Stephen Collins Foster

Stephen Collins Foster created over 200 compositions depicting 19th century American life. Today, some of his lyrics are considered racist. Find out more...

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Bacteriophages are good viruses! Most of us would not like to entertain the thought that some viruses are actually good and useful. Find out more here...

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ABC Newsletter - November 2020

Here is your November 2020 Newsletter-COVID-19 Surface Survival, Afshar Oriental Rugs, Bakhtiari Oriental Rugs, Native American Heritage Month and more...

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Grace Murray Hopper

Grace Murray Hopper was a woman with extraordinary insight and passion who made lasting contributions in several fields women were not expected to pursue...

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mRNA vaccines

mRNA vaccines are the newest player in the race to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently engulfing our world. Here is what you need to know...

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Contemporary Chinese Rugs

Contemporary Chinese Rugs are those produced in the last quarter of the last century. There are some serious concerns unique to their construction...

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ABC Newsletter - October 2020

Here is your October 2020 Newsletter-Cherry Picking Data, Aubusson Area Rugs, Disposable Area Rugs, Levittown, October and Fall Specials and more...

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Levittown was the first truly mass-produced suburb and is regarded as the archetype of American suburbs. This is a fascinating story of human ingenuity...

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Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month. Here are some of the famous leaders whose names still ring through the places, people, and things in America.

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COVID-19 Surface Survival

A new study has suggested that COVID-19 surface survival can last for up to 28 days. Does this change what we have to do to avoid the virus in everyday life?

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Mutations in viruses can cause much anxiety. How do mutations arise and what do they really mean in relation to a virus such as the novel coronavirus...

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ABC Newsletter - August 2020

Here is your August 2020 Newsletter -Virus Contact Tracing, Shedding Rugs, Area Rugs on Carpet, Navajo Code Talkers and more...

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ABC Newsletter - September 2020

Here is your September 2020 Newsletter-Mutations & COVID-19, Agressive Rug Aging, Disposable Rugs, Labor Day, and more...

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Disposable Rugs

Disposable rugs do exist! Rug cleaners know these rugs as ‘garbage rugs.' Cheap labor is used to quickly produce rugs marketed as handcrafted. Buyer beware...

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Aubusson Rugs

Aubusson rugs from France were an important part of the history of rug design in the West and are examples of rugs not primarily influenced by the East…

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Cherry Picking Data

Cherry picking data is the act of selecting & representing only certain evidence to support a position while ignoring other relative evidence...

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Aggressive Rug Aging

Aggressive rug aging is one of the latest techniques used to make brand new rugs look like old or antique rugs. But buyer beware. Find out why here...

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Labor Day

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September of every year. This year, of course, with the pandemic upon us, many traditions may change...

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Soaps, Sanitizers, and Disinfectants

Soaps, Sanitizers, and Disinfectants--How to effectively prevent COVID-19 infections...

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Navajo Code Talkers

Navajo Code Talkers and Navajo Marines were among the over 16 million Americans who served in WWII, but the Navajos were not honored until 1968. Find out why...

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Area Rugs on Carpet

Placing area rugs on carpet (wall-to-wall) doesn't have to be challenging. We have gathered some basic guidance for you...

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Shedding Area Rugs

Shedding area rugs and what to do about them is a customer question that comes up quite often. An area rug may shed for many different reasons...

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Virus Contact Tracing

Virus contact tracing is the process epidemiologists are now using to shed light on how the coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread. But this is not a new process...

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ABC Newsletter - July 2020

Here is your July 2020 Newsletter - Anti-Vaccine Movement, Braided Rugs, Paper Rugs, Thomas Jefferson & Slavery, July Specials & More...

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