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Latest COVID variant

The latest COVID variant may possibly soon become the dominant variant in the United States in 2023. Here is what we need to know...

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Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley was the first published African American female poet who lived a short, but extraordinary life. Here is a summary of her life and legacy...

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Articles that will provide answers to your FAQs are presented here. If you cannot find your answers here, please contact us and we will do the research and add it to this page...

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COVID Loss of Smell


COVID loss of smell was one of the early symptoms of the pandemic. What causes it and is it still a common symptom today? Find out more here...

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What are snowflakes? An infinite number of them fall every year during winter. But is every one unique from every other one? Find out here...

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RSV or respiratory syncytial virus has been at the forefront of the news lately. Hospitals are overflowing. But why? and why now?...

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Stanford Robert Ovshinsky

Stanford Robert Ovshinsky

Stanford Robert Ovshinsky, a self-made scientist, was one of the most influential inventors we may never have heard of! Learn more here...

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ABC Newsletters

Access current and past ABC Newsletters here...

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Cornell Bird ID App

Merlin is the free Cornell Bird ID app that you can easily install on your smartphone for hours of listening and photographing the birds in your area...

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Native American Heritage Month

Black Hawk

November is Native American Heritage Month. Here are some of the famous leaders whose names still ring through the places, people, and things in America.

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Vitamin D and COVID

Vitamin D and COVID were linked during the early part of the pandemic. But is vitamin D a panacea or a placebo for the cure or treatment of COVID? Find out here

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ABC Newsletter - November 2020

November Apples

Here is your November 2020 Newsletter-COVID-19 Surface Survival, Afshar Oriental Rugs, Bakhtiari Oriental Rugs, Native American Heritage Month and more...

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Boost Your Immune System


Boost your immune system. Find out the scientific truth behind this statement here...

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ABC Oriental Rug|Ithaca|Cortland|Syracuse|Fayetteville|Dewitt|Elmira

Carpet Cleaning

ABC Oriental Rug will wash and repair your oriental and area rugs in our own certified rug washing plant. We are the experts in rug washing and carpet and upholstery cleaning!

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Synthetic Rugs

Pre 1800s Handmade Rug

Synthetic rugs? Yes, we would be pleased to clean your synthetic area rugs with the same care we give your handmade oriental rug treasures.

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Archie Cochrane, Father of Evidence-Based Medicine

Archie Cochrane

You may not have heard of Archie Cochrane, but he almost single-handedly built the foundation of evidence-based medicine as we know it today. Here is his story.

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Vaccine Development

A Look at the vaccine development for both polio and COVID. What lessons can we learn today from the vaccine development in the polio vaccine era?

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Johnny Appleseed


Few Americans have grown to adulthood without learning the story of Johnny Appleseed. Here is his story...

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Avoid Long COVID

Avoid long COVID and its persistent symptoms? Is it even possible to do that when there are so many uncertainties surrounding 'long COVID?' Find info here...

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Assistance Dogs

Marcie Davis - Working Dogs Website

Assistance dogs include service dogs, guide dogs, hearing alert dogs and alert/seizure dogs. International Dog Assistance Week honors them. Find out more here...

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Adaptogens for Long COVID

Adaptogens for long COVID sufferers (long haulers) are being touted by some wellness purveyors as the answer for the relief of the many symptoms of long COVID...

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Flag Day History

American Flag

On June 14, Americans have the opportunity to proclaim our respect and honor for our country by flying the American flag. Learn about the history involved...

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Virulence and Avirulence and COVID-19

Virulence and avirulence are two theories about disease that can affect our dealings with, and our expectations about, the future course of COVID-19. More...

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Sanitizer Treatment for Area Rugs

Why a sanitizer treatment for area rugs even though these rugs will go through a minimum of 8 cleaning steps in our ABC cleaning plant? Find out why here...

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Universal Virus Vaccine

Would it be at all possible to create a universal virus vaccine? One able to protect us from future variants of COVID-19 and other viruses? Find out here...

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COVID 2nd Booster

The 2nd COVID-19 booster is now available for some people, but do we really know if this 4th shot is effective and or even necessary? Find out latest info here...

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Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time

A bipartisan bill, the Sunshine Protection Act, proposes to make Daylight Saving Time permanent in the US in 2023. Find out more here…

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Children and COVID-19 Vaccines

Children, in general, seem to have much less severe cases of COVID-19. So why should children be vaccinated?

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Epidemic, Pandemic, Endemic

Epidemic, pandemic, and endemic are terms that have again come to the forefront because of the novel coronavirus. Find out what each means...

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There are currently 3 types of COVID-19 tests available to identify COVID-19 infections. This article offers information (as of January 2022) about these tests-

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