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Tile and grout cleaning is a service that can really be a lifesaver for customers. Because ceramic tile takes so much time and care to clean properly, it can quickly become the hard surface in a home or business that may get the least care.

Cleaning Tile
Vacuuming and Sweeping

You may think mopping your tile surfaces is doing as good a job as vacuuming a carpet or sweeping a floor. But simply mopping to clean your tile surfaces may be doing more harm than good. Your mop's dirty water can push around contaminants that can stain the grout between your tiles. That's not to mention the stains that inevitably come with everyday life that can also change your tile and grout surfaces for the worse, especially if you are just mopping them.

When it comes to tile and grout cleaning, the equipment requirements more than double than for any other hard surface. Now we must get out the mop and mop bucket, a sponge, scouring pad, fill the bucket, change the dirty mop water, dump the final dirty water, clean the mop, clean the sponge and scouring pad, clean the bucket and put it all away again.

It's no wonder that today's busy homeowners, business owners, and apartment dwellers wait until the condition of the floor is no longer tolerable before tackling that messy job!

Addressing the Grout

But wait...we haven't even addressed the grout yet! Not many of us are willing to get down on our hands and knees to use a small brush (and possibly toxic chemicals) to scrub each grout line in our tile floors.

If you are one of the lucky few who have had their grout sealed at the time of the tile installation, you are in luck with this particular part of the cleaning. But it is the case with about 90% of new tile installations, that because newly installed grout usually needs at least 72 hours to cure before it can be sealed, this very important step if often skipped by contractors.

The reasons for this are easy to understand. Busy contractors may find it difficult to return to a job site days after an installation and the additional man hours and material costs may also be prohibitive.

What Happens When Grout is not Properly Sealed?

When grout is not properly sealed, dirt and debris build up in the pores of the grout. Even routine mopping cannot properly remove this dirt and ultimately mopping forces the dirt into the grout lines. The dirt can accumulate and eventually promote the growth of bacteria. Tile surfaces can also develop mold (sometimes toxic mold) from the mildew that develops when moisture builds up on the tile.

The grout of a tile floor has an important safety function as well as its normal decorative purpose. Since tile is quite slippery by nature, the grout lines give water a place to accumulate rather than sitting on the tile surface. But along with the water, dirt and debris also have a place to go. When tile is properly sealed, water can still accumulate in the grout, but the dirt and debris cannot get into the pores. This in turn greatly reduces the time and effort required for routine maintenance of the tile while keeping the grout looking brand new.

Call ABC to Evaluate & Clean Your Tile and Grout

We invite you to call or text our office to make an appointment for an evaluation of your tile floors and walls so that we may help you to maintain them and keep them looking their best for a long time to come.

Our trained professionals, with our special tile & grout cleaning equipment, will be able to clean your tile and grout and, if necessary, seal your grout lines. We can then continue to maintain your tile surfaces on a regular maintenance schedule, if you prefer.

If you want to save your back and your time and energy, call or text ABC for a free estimate for tile and grout cleaning at 272-1566 or click here to contact us and let our Techs do it for you! 

For more information on tile and grout cleaning and sealing please click on the Ceramic TileCeramic Tile CleaningGrout, and Grout Sealing articles on our website. 

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