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Ceramic tile cleaning, and especially grout cleaning, of your kitchen floors and walls may well be one of the most time-consuming, messiest, and most back-breaking jobs in your home.

Over time, dirt can collect in the pores of both the tile and grout, especially in hard-to-reach places. The accumulated dirt, grime, and grease can cause tiles to look dull and the grout to darken, as well as to produce a breeding ground for bacteria. Mopping or sponging the tile can also add to the problem because the dirty water can collect in the grout lines, hiding the dirt, especially on tile floors.


Ceramic tile cleaning of the floors and walls in the bathroom adds another dimension of nastiness. Excess humidity can produce mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Wiping the tile and grout dry after each use can help to deter this growth, since mold, mildew, and bacteria need moisture in the environment to grow.

But who really has the time or takes the time to do this?

Professional Ceramic Tile Cleaning?

A professional tile and grout cleaning and sealing service such as ABC offers can thoroughly clean your ceramic tile and grout. The equipment used is much stronger and more effective than anything you would use in your own home. The combination of hot water extraction and a powerful vacuum system is safe for both the tile and grout and can penetrate deep into the pores and pull up that dirt, grime, and grease. 

After a thorough cleaning, if the grout needs to be sealed, our technician comes prepared to perform this service. Our sealant will prevent permanent stains and make regular clean up and future professional cleanings more effective.

Tips for Cleaning Ceramic Tile

After your tile and grout has been professionally cleaned, these tips will help you to keep your ceramic tile and grout looking good until the next visit:

1.  Get rid of as much of the soil that has accumulated as possible by first sweeping or vacuuming. 

2.  Use a neutral pH cleaner and never use harsh chemicals or bleach that might break down sealants. 

3.  Always make sure to rinse after mopping.

Call ABC

If thoroughly cleaning your ceramic tile and grout seems overwhelming, let ABC tackle this nasty job for you. With the right equipment and our professional service and experience, you can be certain there will be no damage to your surfaces and you will be able to enjoy the like-new appearance of the ceramic tile and grout in your home once again.

Protect your investment and extend the life of your ceramic tile and grout. Call or text now to schedule an appointment at (607)-272-1566.

For more information on tile and grout cleaning and sealing please click on the Ceramic TileGrout, Grout Sealing, and Tile and Grout Cleaning articles on our website. 

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