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Rug cleaning in our plant at ABC is carried out with procedures that incorporate specialized hand dusting, washing, rinsing, and wringing, utilizing equipment specifically designed for your area rugs, whether hand-made or machine-made.

During the washing process we can treat your rugs for any number of problems such as insects, urine, dye runs, and spot removal, etc. All solutions used are non-toxic and bio-degradable.

After rinsing, the rugs are put through our automated wringer, where they are rinsed again and most of the water is extracted.

After the wringer, the rugs are hung and thoroughly dried in our temperature-controlled dry room.

Before, during, and after the cleaning process, your rugs are continually inspected to ensure the end result meets our standards.


An oriental rug is a rug which has been hand woven, usually with a pile that has been hand knotted, and is constructed of natural fibers. Please note: Some hand woven rugs may not have a pile at all, such as kilims and other flatwoven rugs.

An understanding and respect for the weavers and their methods of rug construction and the environment in which these rugs were woven allows ABC to be at the top of a unique list of quality professional firms offering oriental rug washing.

Specialty rugs can include hand-made rugs, as well as some high-end machine-made rugs such as Karastans, Starks, Edwards, Fields, and Custom-Bordered rugs, etc.

Both oriental and specialty rugs are true works of art and our procedures for cleaning them include precautionary measures that take into account the complexity of the construction of these rugs. Variables such as fiber types, rug construction, knotting techniques, dye systems, geographic regions, and cultures all have an impact on the proper care and cleaning of these rugs.


Washing a rug requires careful inspection, dusting, possible treatments, cleaning of both front and back, as well as thorough drying, which is best accomplished through hanging in a controlled drying room. These procedures cannot be accomplished successfully in your home or place of business.


We follow an 8-step area rug cleaning procedure to restore the beauty of your rugs while they are in our care:

  • PRE-CLEANING INSPECTION: We identify the rug and assess its condition to ensure optimum cleaning results.
  • DUSTING: Removal of dry sediment and foreign particulate matter. This is done by hand with delicate rugs or in our duster.
  • WASHING: Both sides of the rugs are hand scrubbed with plant-based green cleaning products and fresh cold water.
  • RINSING: Thorough flushing of all cleaning products ensures there are no residues left in the rugs.
  • WRINGER: Central NY’s only automated wringer gently extracts excess water from the rugs.
  • DRYING: All rugs are groomed before being thoroughly dried in our controlled climate dry room.
  • POST-CLEANING INSPECTION: Strict adherence is given to the high standards of the Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS) ensures your rug is the ‘cleanest clean you’ve ever seen.’
  • REPAIR: Our facility boasts an on-site repair department with specialists experienced in securing and reweaving any wear or concerns identified in your textiles. Please see Oriental Rug Repair.


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All of the above and more can be found here. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 607-272-1566. We will be happy to help.

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Oriental and Area Rug Washing at ABC Oriental Rug 

Rugs on the wash floor are gently scrubbed before thorough rinsing.

Gentle scrubbing continues. Note the wringer in the background-the next step in the washing process after rinsing.

After thorough rinsing, the rug is sent slowly and carefully through the wringer to take out as much of the water as possible before being hung on racks in the drying room. 

Rugs are hung on a rack in the temperature controlled drying room until completely dry.

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