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RCAD 2023RCAD 2023

In the 1970s, our customer information database was carefully handwritten and kept on index cards in a file cabinet. 

ABC Customer Database-early 1970sABC Customer Database-early 1970s

Each year we painstakingly addressed hundreds of postcards to our customers explaining our services, reminding them to make cleaning appointments, offering discounts on some of our services, etc.

As we entered the 1980s and our customer base continued to grow, we knew we needed to adopt a more efficient way to keep our records in order.

After checking out computerized databases, we finally settled on an industry specific computer program to keep our database secure and to allow for significant growth.

Sometime during that early computer phase, we began offering a special discount every January, February, and March. These are traditionally slower times for the carpet cleaning industry. We called it our Regular Customer Annual Discount or RCAD.

After just a few years, our regular customers began to look forward to those special discount months. By 1982, our regular services had expanded to include oriental and area rug cleaning, upholstered furniture cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and grout sealing, as well as carpet cleaning.

The RCAD had become our special way to thank our regular customers with special discounts once a year. The RCAD is now known as the Regular Customer APPRECIATION Discount, and we have extended the discounts to friends and families of our customers as well.


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