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The major cities of the Hamadan rugs area are Malayer, Nahavand, Tuiserkan, Kabutarahang, and Assadabad. Rugs from the Hamadan district include those from the above cities as well as the rugs from the Bibicabad, Hussainabad, Dergezine, Ingelas, Kasvin, Mazlaghan, and Borchalou areas.

The finest rugs are sold under their own names. More simple rugs are referred to under the generic term Hamadan. Please note: The spellings of the Hamadan rugs area and their rugs may vary, such as Engelas for Ingelas, Kazvin for Kasvin, Tuyserkan for Tuiserkan, etc.

These rugs often contain repeating Herati and boteh designs.

Please also refer to Hamadan Rugs.

Assadabad Hamadan Rugs Area

Assadabad rugs are sturdy and versatile. The patterns vary from geometric to floral and all-over Herati designs. The primary color is red.

Assadabad RugAssadabad Rug

Bibikabad Hamadan Rugs

Bibikabad means ‘The Village of Grandmother.’ These rugs, unlike most Hamadan rugs, are made in room sizes and occasionally, runners.

Their pattern is a repeated red, blue, and white Herati design. The borders will often have the boteh design. Bibikabad rugs usually do not have a field with a solid color but rather all-over intricate designs. A central medallion may or may not be included.

The weaving is of coarse to medium quality and the rug pile is high. This can lead to a lesser quality of rug. They often have predominantly bold colors of red with blue and green highlights.

Bibikabad RugBibikabad Rug

Borchelou Hamadan Rugs

These rugs feature a brightly colored medallion on the field, often with a repeating Herati pattern. Fields are usually in red or white with the designs in red, blue, gold, and green. The pile is quite high and of medium quality wool.

Borchelou RugBorchelou Rug
Borchelou RugBorchelou Rug

Dergazine Hamadan Rugs

Dergazine rugs have well-defined, brightly colored features. They almost always have a repeating or all-over Herati or Seraband pattern with floral sprays mimicking Sarouk rugs.They can also have central medallions.

Red, white, and blue are the common colors used. The rugs are fairly coarse in texture.

Dergazine RugDergazine Rug
Dergazine RugDergazine Rug

Hussainabad Hamadan Rugs

Hussainabad rugs feature bold geometric designs with both the boteh and Herati patterns. Red, blue and ivory predominate. These rugs are very durable.

Hussainabad RugHussainabad Rug


Ingeles rugs are usually woven with Herati, Seraband, and detached floral designs against a red field. The main border is usually a deep blue.

Ingeles RugIngeles Rug
Rug-Seraband DesignRug-Seraband Design

Kabutarahang Hamadan Rugs

A diamond-like center medallion surrounded by floral sprays are typical features of Kabutarahang Hamadan rugs. Unlike most Hamadan rugs, Kabutarahang rugs normally come in large room-sizes.

Color schemes include red, blue and ivory. They are usually woven with blue, ivory, and sometimes green designs on a bright, cardinal-red field. Another popular color scheme has dark blue patterns on a white background.

Kabutarahang RugKabutarahang Rug

Kasvin Hamadan Rugs

The Kasvin area, unlike the rest of the Hamadan rugs area, produces double-wefted rugs primarily in red, blue, ivory, and green.They often copy other Iranian designs such as the Kerman and the Sarouk.

Single Weft ConstructionSingle Weft Construction
Double Weft ConstructionDouble Weft Construction
Kasvin RugKasvin Rug
Kasvin RugKasvin Rug

Malayer Hamadan Rugs Area

Malayer rugs can look very similar to Sarouk rugs, a neighboring area. They usually have scrolling vine borders with rectangular fields covered with all-over designs and large center medallions.

The medallions can be Herati or botehs and may also contain birds.

Reddish orange, deep blue, and beige are the dominant colors.

Malayer Rug with Herati DesignMalayer Rug with Herati Design
Malayer Rug with Boteh DesignMalayer Rug with Boteh Design

Mazlaghan Hamadan Rugs

Mazlaghan rugs feature an elongated field, usually in red, with a large and unique medallion and dark blue spandrels (corners of field). End borders are usually very narrow. The field is outlined with a pattern that looks like a bolt of lightning.

These rugs are only made in small sizes because their patterns would be overwhelming in larger rugs.

Mazlaghan RugMazlaghan Rug
Mazlaghan RugMazlaghan Rug

Nahavand Hamadan Rugs

The Nahavand Hamadan rugs area produces characteristically coarsely knotted rugs with shiny wool of high quality. The colors are usually red or blue with patterns consisting of elements of nomadic and geometric motifs. Medallions can also occur. Dark colors combined with red, pink, blues, and green are common.

Nahavand RugNahavand Rug

Tuiserkan Hamadan Rugs

The typical pattern of the Tuiserkan Hamadan rug is a zig-zag line along the border that is reminiscent of Malayer rugs. The center usually has a single large medallion. Their colors are usually Indigo blue and beige.

Tuiserkan RugTuiserkan Rug

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