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Why Pads?

Rug pads and oriental and area rugs should go hand in hand.  Our policy at ABC is to suggest that the majority of rugs that come into our plant for cleaning should be placed on specialized pads when returned to the home or work environment.  There are several reasons for this.

Rug pads:

  • Add cushioning and comfort for you by providing structural support, protecting rugs from premature wear while cushioning the impact of foot traffic.
  • Can add years to the life of a rug.
  • Protect the flooring beneath the rug as well.
  • Prevent the rug from slipping and you from falling.
  • Limit the space between the rug and the floor which may deter insect infestations, such as moths.

The Rug Pads at ABC


This is our most popular rug underlayment.  We highly recommend it for use with fine oriental rugs and most rugs that are placed on hardwood floors.

WunderGRIP has 3600 gripper/shock absorbers per square foot to keep rugs firmly in place over smooth floors.  The open construction of this pad protects not only the rug's foundation, but the floor beneath as well.  Dirt and dust particles will fall to the floor into the holes of the construction and cannot abrade the foundation of the rug or the floor.  Since there is not as much dirt buildup on the rug pile, it is much easier to vacuum the rug as well. 

Another advantage to using this pad is that it is perfect for allergy sufferers because it is guaranteed not to off-gas.  It passes the European Union's 'Green Standard.'  It is also washable, either in our plant or you can put smaller pads in the washer (not the dryer!) or hose off large pads in your driveway.


WunderFIRM is ΒΌ" thick and is fabricated with a polyester fiber top and a soft rubber backing.  It will lay flat on top of grout lines in tile or on warped hardwood floors.  It also gives the feel of more body to thin and lightweight rugs.  It is also reversible and can be used with the felt side down for area rugs placed on top of wall-to-wall carpeting.

This pad cannot be wet-cleaned.


WunderLock is guaranteed to add to the life of both the rug and the carpet by reducing friction.

It is constructed with a 'dry' adhesive that will adhere to any textile surface but is not transferable and is non-aggressive.  It is specially knitted so as not to leave fibers on wall-to-wall carpeting or on the bottom of the area rug.  It will keep corners from curling up and traveling along carpeting as well.

You can easily apply this product to your rug or, for an additional fee, we can apply it for you.  The only disadvantage to this product is that a rug with this product applied to it must be removed before cleaning.  Once it is removed, it loses its ability to adhere and will have to be replaced each time the rug is cleaned in our plant.


We have recently added these to our inventory.  They are the perfect solution if you are looking for ultimate comfort and cushioning in a product that will keep it's shape and last for years. It also gives the feel of more body to thin and lightweight rugs. 

The felt rug pads can be thoroughly vacuumed but cannot be wet-cleaned.

Call Today to Order!

At ABC, our quality pads carry replacement warranties from 10 to 20 years and are custom cut here in our plant to your rugs' dimensions.  The particular pad we suggest will depend on whether the rug is to be placed on a tile or wood floor or on top of wall-to-wall carpeting.

Don't forget that your oriental and area rugs need regular cleaning as well as pads under them so you can enjoy their beauty for years to come.

A rug pad designed and sized specially for your area or oriental rug or rugs is the protection they need and deserve.  Call our office today at (607)-272-1566 for more information or to order a rug pad cut to size.  You can also contact us here.

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