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If birding is something you enjoy, Merlin is a free bird ID app from the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology that you can easily install on your smartphone from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. This app can offer hours of watching and listening enjoyment of the birds in your particular area or wherever you a visiting.

You can record bird songs and take their photos right from the app and Merlin will help you identify nearly any bird that chirps. Just select the area where you live (Northeast, for example) and you will get a list of all the birds that live there or commute there during the winter.

When you hear any bird, hold your phone up and tap Sound ID. Whatever bird or birds are talking, Merlin will identify them, present photos of the birds, and give you a little story about each of them. Merlin will also keep a log of your recordings.

If you have a feeder and don’t know what bird you see coming to it, simply tap Merlin’s Photo ID and take a photo of the bird. Merlin can identify over 8,500 different birds!

A free membership is also available where you can create a log of all the birds you see and hear during your adventures with the help and support of the Cornell Ornithology Lab. The Help, About Merlin, and Contact pages of the app will give you all the information you need to use the app.


Merlin Bird ID AppMerlin Bird ID App

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Merlin Bird ID AppMerlin Bird ID App

Merlin Bird ID AppMerlin Bird ID App

Merlin Bird ID AppMerlin Bird ID App

Merlin Bird ID AppMerlin Bird ID App

Merlin Bird ID AppMerlin Bird ID App