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Other flooring options besides hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, and bamboo are currently available. Eucalyptus, Cork, and Reclaimed Wood are some examples and are mentioned below.

Of course, other flooring options include non-wood like floor choices such as Stone, Porcelain and Ceramic Tile, and Vinyl and Natural Linoleum (which can be purchased with wood-look appearance).

Luxury Vinyl Tile is another alternative which is relatively new. It can simulate the look of a natural material such as wood or stone through very realistic images and textures.


Eucalyptus is very similar to bamboo in that it is renewable and durable. It has the appearance of tropical mahogany but it is very fast growing and matures in 14 years.

It is an extremely tough material with dent resistance.

It is also more affordable than wood flooring.

Like engineered wood flooring, eucalyptus flooring is available in an engineered form, especially for varying high humidity or moisture-laden environments.

As with Bamboo flooring, the strand-woven type of Eucalyptus flooring is more durable.


Advantages of Cork Flooring

  • Cork flooring is moderately priced.
  • It has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation (though relatively low R-value) properties. Cork flooring would be an excellent alternative flooring choice in certain areas where noise level must be reduced because of its acoustic insulation properties
  • It is a natural and renewable product and is very eco-friendly. The bark of the cork tree is stripped every ten years and does no harm to the tree.
  • Cork is naturally water resistant, has antimicrobial properties and is fire-retardant). 
  • It doesn’t mold and it is biodegradable at the end of its lifetime.

Disadvantages of Cork Flooring

  • Cork flooring minimizes heat loss in the winter but gains heat during the summer. This might be counter-productive for some heating and cooling strategies.
  • Unfortunately, it's low density (millions of air-filled cells) and weight makes it less resilient than most other materials and it is prone to scratching and denting.
  • It is also susceptible to wear and possible water problems, even though it is generally water-resistant.

  • Because the flooring is not very thick, under floor insulation will still be needed.

Installation of Cork Flooring

Installation is easy and inexpensive. Cork flooring is installed over smooth plywood surfaces, or glued directly over moisture-free concrete floor.

Do not install the cork flooring directly over planks or over old vinyl or linoleum coverings. A proper installation is important for insulation purposes.

Maintenance & Cleaning of Cork Flooring

  • Spills should be wiped up quickly with a soft cloth.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor frequently to avoid the buildup of damaging particles.
  • Use also proper and large protectors under your furniture legs and chairs.

  • Manufacturers say that a well maintained cork floor can last decades, but they also warn for the need of regular maintenance (finishes should be reapplied periodically, say every 5-7 years). Whenever the floor starts to show signs of wear, it should be re-coated


In this category are salvaged woods such as chestnut, hemlock, poplar, and walnut.

These are often reclaimed from factories and warehouses built over a century ago. They are often of very high quality, have excellent durability and strength, but the range of choices is obviously limited and the pricing is typically higher than hardwood flooring. 

They can also be rustic and antique looking, which is something not everyone appreciates.

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