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Creative Rug Displays

Creative rug displays give lovers of handmade area rugs, especially oriental rugs, ideas for many different ways to use them. Hand woven rugs are truly works of art. Different weavers working on the same design will produce different looking rugs. These beautiful rugs are meant to be admired and usually meant to be walked on.

Unfortunately, those who love their handmade rugs and regularly collect them often find themselves with no usable floor space left. They must find less traditional and more creative ways of displaying them in their homes. Below are some examples:

Hang it On a Wall

One of the most elegant creative rug displays is a rug that is hung on a wall. It can be secured at the top by several different methods or secured to the wall from each side. The rug should be light in weight. It can be in the center of a wall, or several similar rugs could be hung in a row on a long wall or in whatever arrangement pleases the eye.

Ways to Hang Your Rugs On A Wall

  • Wall hangers made specifically for hanging rugs and tapestries on walls.
  • A piece of cloth sewn to the back side of the rug with openings on either end for a pole or rod to go through, which can then be fit into wall brackets.
  • Small rugs can be mounted behind glass for displaying on the wall.
  • At ABC, we can apply a Velcro strip to the back of the rug and cut a thin piece of wood with the matching Velcro strip stapled or glued to the wood with holes drilled for nails. When the rug needs cleaning, just pull off the rug with the Velcro still attached and bring it to our plant for cleaning. If desired, the Velcro strip can be easily removed from the rug if you decide to display the rug on the floor.
  • Please also see our article on Area Rugs on Carpet.

Other Creative Rug Displays

  • On a sofa or chair.
  • On a table.
  • As a very dramatic headboard in your bedroom.
  • On a quilt stand.
  • As a bedspread on a bed.
  • Above a bed as a canopy.
  • At the entrance of a closet.
  • In the door of a hallway.
  • Interchange 'summer' rugs and 'winter' rugs.

Two Caveats!

  • Always hang your rug facing away from direct sunlight to minimize fading.
  • All wool rugs should be checked periodically (both front and back) for moth and carpet beetle infestations. This is especially important in areas where they may be hidden, such as under a sofa or bed, etc. or in areas not used regularly.

Passionate Rug Lovers...

Creative rug displays allow the most passionate of rug lovers many different ways to tastefully show off favorite rug collections. 

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