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How to flatten a folded rug used to be a question asked much more often by customers. Years ago, area rugs were divided into 2 types, ones for the cold season and ones for the warm season. They were changed out each season and invariably, since some were folded rather than rolled, the folded rugs would often not flatten and lie flat on the floor as expected.

Even today, many people fold rugs as well, often due to space limitations. Though the question does come up, albeit not as often, it is a problem that must be straightened out (pun intended).


  • To prevent creases in a  rug, the first step is to thoroughly vacuum and/or to clean it properly before storing.

  • Whenever possible, roll rather than fold a rug. Make sure to roll the rug into a tight cylinder with the pile facing in, since the pile is usually more fragile. Roll the rug as straight as possible. If this is hard to do, place a rod inside the rug and then roll.
  • Wrap the rug after it is rolled in a protective fabric such as Tyvek or a cotton or muslin sheet.
  • Store in a cool, dry environment, preferably off the ground, and do not put anything on top of the rug which could cause cracks and creases.
  • As an extra precaution to make certain the rug stays cool and dry, have a fan or a dehumidifier blowing on it, if possible.


Curled Corners

When corners won’t lie flat, placing a heavy object on them can work. However, the best way is to fold the corners under and let them rest for a few days.

Rippling or Waves

These typically happen to a rug that is a new one. Just lay the rug flat and be patient. The creases will work themselves out.


After 2 full days, if the first 2 solutions do not do the trick, ironing may be possible. So as not to damage the rug, check it to see if it is iron-friendly and take extra care.

Iron on the lowest setting possible with the steam on or if no steam setting, sprinkle some water first. Make sure to place a piece of brown craft paper between the iron and the rug to protect the rug from being burned by the iron.


Place Rug on a Hard Floor

When unrolling the rug, place it on a hard floor while it is relaxing, rather than on a carpet.

Back Roll the Rug

Back rolling a rug may also work. Unroll the rug and roll it up again in the opposite direction. Let it sit for 2 full days before unrolling it.

Use Sunlight

If temperatures are in the 70s to 80s, place the rug outside in the sunlight for a few hours. The rug will naturally release tension with the heat from the sun.

Use a Hairdryer

If sunshine and warmth outside is not available, use a hairdryer to apply heat. First, turn the rug over and then use a sweeping motion, holding the hair dryer about 6-9 inches above the rug.

Carpet Tape

Use carpet tape. Apply to the back of the rug and then stick it to the hardwood floor. Special tape can also be applied to an area rug placed on a wall-to-wall carpet or a special rug pad can be purchased to hold the area rug to the carpet.

Take the Rug to a Professional Rug Cleaner

Have the rug professionally steam cleaned by a professional rug cleaner.


We recommend having your rug professionally cleaned before storing it for an extended period of time. At ABC, we clean and roll rugs, or, if necessary, properly fold rugs, and then wrap in Tyvek to prevent creatures or spills from entering. We can also store rugs at our rug plant for a small monthly price. Please call our office at 607-272-1566 for more information.

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