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February 2017

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Bijar Oriental Rugs


Sleeping With Pets, Good Idea or Bad?

Pet Hair Removal Tips


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Bijar Oriental Rug

The design of the Persian Bijar oriental rug is not as easily identified by the repetitive use of the same patterns as is the case with many of the other rugs in our study of Oriental Rugs By Design.

The diversity in the range of designs in these rugs can be attributed to the many different tribes that call this region home, including the Azerbaijanis and the Turks, as well as the influence of nearby neighboring countries such as Turkey and the Caucasus mountain areas.

Bijar designs are not as affected by Western design as other rugs woven in Iran, partly because of the remoteness of the rural mountainous area and partly because the particular religion and culture of the people has effectively isolated them from the rest of Iran.

The antique Bijar (woven prior to 1915) used some classic universal rug designs such as the Mina Khani and the Herati, as well as a diamond-shaped center medallion with pendants on an open field. It is important to note these classic Persian designs were subject to the interpretation of the Bijar weavers, especially those from the Kurdish villages in the region.

The antique Bijar oriental rug is known for its excellent artistry, dyes, construction, and craftsmanship, while those made after WWII gradually lost their quality and unique individual characteristics and morphed into a generic product that bears little resemblance to its revered predecessor.

Location of Bijar

Bijar is located in Northwestern Iran in the province of Kurdistan, approximately 150 miles south of Tabriz and 90 miles NW of Hamadan. 

The Bijar rugs were and are produced
in the villages in the surrounding area. Kurdish tribes have been dominant in this region for centuries.
The name Bijar comes from the Kurdish 'Bi' meaning willow tree. An area of willow trees is called a 'Bijar.'

Antique Bijar Oriental Rug Distinguishing Feature

To continue reading about antique Bijar oriental rugs as well as what to look for in modern Bijars, please continue reading here.

Sleeping with Pets - Good Idea or Bad?

Is sleeping with pets a good idea or a bad idea? If you have never had a dog or cat before, you may wonder why anyone would want to share their bed with a pet. Think hair, fleas, germs, poor quality of sleep, etc., etc.

On the other hand, if you are a pet lover, you may harbor some worries about these things, but you know sleeping with your dog or cat also has its advantages.
Let's look at some of the advantages of sleeping with pets...

Advantages of Sleeping with Pets

  • Pets sharing your bed give you comfort
  • Whether it is their rhythmic breathing or their warm body, they can make you feel more comfortable no matter what type of mattress you sleep on.
  • Sleeping with pets can help fight insomniaThose things that keep you from falling asleep, such as stress, worries, and everyday problems can be eased by the feeling of safety and calm that can come with sleeping with your pet.
  • Snuggling with pets can relieve stress and anxiety. Think about the use of dogs and cats as therapy animals. Their presence helps to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • You have to have experienced a dog or cat curling up as close as possible to you to truly understand the comfort of the warmth they can provide.
  • A person who is fighting depression can find it hard to connect with other humans, but the unconditional love provided by dogs (and some cats as well) can do a lot to fight depression.
  • We are at our most vulnerable when sleeping at night. It is reassuring to know that you are being guarded. Dogs and cats can sense danger and act upon it and this makes us feel safer.
  • Sleeping with humans is good for pets as well! Pets receive the same satisfaction from sleeping with their humans as their humans do. You are the most important thing in their lives and your special snuggling attention can make their day!

But What About the Smelly Bed Covers and the Hair?

There are steps you can take to alleviate odors and hair from your bed if you feel sleeping with pets is important to you and to your pets.

  • Make sure your pets are checked regularly for fleas and ticks and have flea and tick prevention methods in place.
  • Make sure cats are kept indoors and dogs only go out on leashes.
  • Brush both cats and dogs every day to remove excess hair.
  • Bathe both dogs and cats on as regular a basis as possible, depending on the pet.
  • Regularly wash sheets, pillowcases and blankets. Adding vinegar to the washer can help with odors as well. (1 cup of white vinegar to each load).

Do Pets Disturb Human Sleep?

Find the answer to this question as well as solutions for pet owners who do not want to sleep with their pets but have pets who are not happy with that decision, continue reading here.

Pet Hair Removal Tips 

Constant pet hair removal is one of the most frustrating challenges we face when we make the decision to share our homes with our furry friends.

We have gathered some tips below to help with keeping up with pet hair removal from the surfaces in our homes (and cars). We hope these tips will provide some solutions to this messy task.  


Most dogs and cats shed, some seasonably, some all year round. As an example, Labrador Retrievers can shed as much as 70 lbs. of hair in one year!

Even non-shedding species can lose some fur. Preventing pet hair from building up is the first most important step to take for successful pet hair removal. 

Preventive measures include the following:

  • Have animals checked for any diseases or conditions that may increase shedding, especially flea and tick infestations or skin infections of any kind.
  • Make sure the food you are feeding your animals includes essential fatty acids. The food should have the correct balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and hair. (Check with your veterinarian). Sometimes a change in diet (especially for cats) can lead to less shedding.
  • Groom dogs and cats regularly, including cutting excess hair. Make sure to match the style of brush to the length and coarseness of your pet's hair. If possible, groom your animals outside. Start the brushing in the opposite direction of hair growth first. Regular brushing is an excellent way to bond with your pet as well! NOTE: If your pet will allow it, try putting a stocking or thin sock over the vacuum hose and vacuuming your pet's coat with it. 
  • Schedule regular cleaning appointments for your furniture, carpet, and area rugs. Remember that oils build up in these items as well as hair. Wash bedding frequently, especially where animals frequent.
  • Try to control static electricity and low humidity, especially during cold winter months.
  • Bathing dogs and cats can be helpful. Cats usually clean themselves but may need an occasional bath. The type of coat is important when bathing dogs. Too many baths could remove natural oils from their coats, especially dogs whose coats are water repellent. (Check with your veterinarian).
  • Keep clothes in an area away from animals, if possible.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture, carpets, and area rugs regularly.

Pet Hair Removal From Upholstered Furniture

  • The most effective method of removing pet hair from upholstered furniture is to use a rubber glove (some are made specifically with pets in mind) to run over the areas of the upholstery fiber. Make sure to dampen the rubber gloves and periodically rinse them off. This method will also work with a slightly dampened sponge.
  • You can also use a lint roller or a handheld vacuum for small areas of pet hair.
  • Another method is to lightly spray a mix of water and fabric softener on the fabric and then wipe it off.

Pet Hair Removal From Non-Upholstered Furniture

  • Make static electricity work for you and run a microfiber cloth over non-upholstered and wood furniture to catch and remove the pet hair.

Remove Pet Hair From Hardwood Floors

  • Rather than using a regular upright vacuum (which has the tendency to make the hair fly all over) to remove the pet hair from hardwood floors, use a dry mop or a microfiber mop to capture the hair.
  • A good robot vacuum cleaner can also work for you, constantly picking up the pet hair while you are doing something else! (Works on carpet as well!)
  • Caveat: If you find yourself bending over too many times to remove hair from cracks in the wood, it may be time to apply another coat of sealer.

Remove Pet Hair From Carpet

Continue reading for tips on removing pet hair from carpet, area rugs, clothing, and car interiors here.

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