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February 2015

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Are My Area Rugs Dirty Enough to Clean?

Cleaning Area Rugs in Your Own Home - Not a Good Idea

We CANNOT Clean That Rug!

Are My Area Rugs Dirty Enough to Clean?

Are your area rugs dirty enough to clean? When the sun comes streaming in the windows, especially after a long and cold winter, you may be quite certain your wall-to-wall carpets need cleaning.

But what about that beautiful oriental or area rug? The patterns and bright or dark colors of these types of loose rugs may be harboring soil that may not be apparent at first glance.

What Types of Soil Should You Look For?

Your oriental and other area rugs are vulnerable to the same damage that salt and snow can cause to the underside of your cars. Pets and shoes can bring all that slush into the house. Additionally, homes are closed tight during the cold weather months and can pick up and store ordinary household and cooking odors. Even air fresheners and scented candle odors can add to the film that can land on the rugs.

Where Should I Look for Dirt?

Look closely at both the back and the front of your area rugs for evidence of dirt (and moths and other insects as well). This is the best way to determine if your rugs are dirty enough to clean.

Separate the fibers and look down into the foundation. The time to clean an oriental or area rug is before it is saturated with soil. Gritty soil, especially, can abrade the foundation and break down the face pile.

The only way to prevent damage or further damage to the fibers and foundation of your oriental and area rugs is to have them thoroughly and professionally cleaned in a rug cleaning plant by rug cleaning professionals.

Are your Rugs Dirty Enough to Clean if there is no Obvious Soiling?

Find out by clicking here.

Why Cleaning Areas Rugs in Your Own Home or Business is Not a Good Idea...

At ABC, we are often asked why we recommend cleaning area rugs in our specialized rug cleaning plant rather than in customers' homes or businesses.

The Answer is:

Cleaning Rugs in Our Cleaning Plant allows us to PROPERLY and THOROUGHLY clean your rugs in a professional manner to the Highest Achievable Standard.

Here is What Happens in Our Plant...

Your rug will go through the following 6-step procedure:

1.  Pre-Inspection.

The rug is inspected on the back and on the front for any problems that could arise during the cleaning process.  We will also advise you of possible options for repair, either by hand or by machine.

2. Dusting.

The rug is thoroughly 'dusted,' either by hand, special machinery or air in order to remove as much of the impacted soil as possible before washing.

3.  Washing.

The rug is thoroughly but gently cleaned with solutions specifically formulated for its particular fibers and dyes.  It is during this procedure on the wash floor that treatments such as spot and odor removal are administered if needed.

4.  Rinsing.

Gallons of water are gently pushed through the rug to ensure all cleaning and treatment solutions are completely and thoroughly rinsed out of the rug after washing.

5.  Drying.

The rug will be sent through a wringer to remove the majority of the water.  after the wringer, the rug will be brushed to set the pile.  It is then hung to dry in our temperature-controlled dry room.

6. Post-Inspection.

After the rug has been tested and is completely dry, it will be taken down and inspected (re-cleaned if necessary), vacuumed on both sides, then rolled and put into a bin awaiting your arrival for pick up.


Cleaning area rugs in our plant as explained above assures we have full control over the entire cleaning process.  It is not possible to maintain our high standard and properly clean your area rugs in your own home or business.

There are some EXCEPTIONS!

Certain area rugs MUST ALWAYS be cleaned in our plant but there can be an occasional situation in which it is necessary to clean an area rug on site in a home or business.

Find out more by clicking here.

We CANNOT Clean That RUG!

When we say "We cannot clean that rug!" what do we really mean?

  • We do NOT mean we are NOT ABLE to clean that rug.
  • It certainly does NOT mean we DO NOT HAVE THE TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE to clean that rug.
  • And, it does NOT mean we DO NOT HAVE THE EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES to clean that rug.

So--What DO we mean?

There are 2 main reasons why we say "No!"

Find out what they are by clicking here.


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