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We sell rugs on consignment

Several years ago we had a very successful Unclaimed (Abandoned) Rug Sale. We now know that rugs for sale at reasonable prices are something we can offer to our customers on a regular basis.


We will continue to offer unclaimed and abandoned rugs for sale if and whenever they become available. However, in response to customer demand for a variety of area rugs for sale, we are now taking rugs in to sell on consignment

We will hang them and encourage potential buyers to come into our offices to view the rugs we take in. The pictures will be posted on on this page and on our Facebook page (

The rug owner will choose the sale price with ABCs guidance. Any negotiations will take place between the owner and the potential buyer. ABC will take a percentage of each sale. 

Don't take chances allowing strangers to come to your home. Let ABC sell your unwanted rug for you!

PLEASE NOTE:  We reserve the right to decline any rug offered for sale on consignment. We will not attempt to sell Tufted Rugs (rugs with a backing).

Looking for a rug? Scroll Down for Photos...

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but these rugs are best viewed in person at our office. Please feel free to come during our work hours to view these rugs.


ABC Oriental Rug & Carpet Cleaning will provide a thorough rug assessment which will include a urine inspection with a forensic light. The result will result in a rug identification, the current market value, and a sales consultation.

  • All area rugs placed on consignment with ABC are required to be cleaned and moth treated prior to displaying for sale. 
  • Any urine found in the inspection must be addressed as recommended by ABC to ensure the rug is sold in and odor free, urea free state.
  • Moth Repellent is complimentary.
  • All cleaning services must be paid in full prior to displaying the rug for sale.
  • ABC provides consultation to assist the seller in competitive pricing and will not price rugs excessively above the current market.
  • ABC may choose not to consign a rug or may discontinue a consignment at any time during the consignment period without cause.
  • The seller may end the consignment at any time with a $25 per month cancellation fee. This covers the costs incurred during the consignment period.


As of August 1, 2016, the following Rug Consignment Policy will be in effect...

  • Our consignment fee will be at 30% for the first 3 months your rug is displayed at our offices.
  • The consignment fee will be at 40% for the 4th month.
  • The consignment fee will be at 50% for the 5th and 6th months.
  • If the rug is not sold at the completion of 6 months, the owner will be notified the rug must be picked up within 1 week. 
  • If the unsold rug is not picked up within 1 week, storage fees will begin to accrue.
  • After 90 days, if the unsold rug has not been picked up, it will become the property of ABC and may be sold to recoup costs or destroyed.

Our consignment fees cover labor for staging and hanging your rug, maintaining insurance and moth protection, promoting your rug to walk-in customers, and maintaining this page on our website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 


You may also contact us here.


This page is also available for customers who have rugs they would like to sell. Please call our office at 607-272-1566 for more information.


Chinese Silk Garden Panel

Oriental Rug

3'11 x 6'4


Chinese Silk Garden Panel Oriental Rug for SaleChinese Silk Garden Panel Oriental Rug for Sale

Caucus Oriental Rug

4'6 x 7'9


Caucus Oriental Rug or SaleCaucus Oriental Rug or Sale

Wool Turkish Prayer Rug

3'4 x 5'4


Wool Turkish Prayer Rug for SaleWool Turkish Prayer Rug for Sale

New Iranian Oriental Rug

8'5 x 11'11


New Iranian Oriental Rug for SaleNew Iranian Oriental Rug for Sale


6'2 x 10'0


Chinese Inlay Silk Rug for SaleChinese Inlay Silk Rug for Sale

Pakistan Qashqai Oriental Rug 

5'0 x 8'8


Pakistan Qashqai Oriental Rug for SalePakistan Qashqai Oriental Rug for Sale

Pakistan Bahktiari Oriental Rug 

8'0 x 10'2


Pakistan Bahktiari Oriental Rug for SalePakistan Bahktiari Oriental Rug for Sale

Turkish Kula 

2'6 x 12'5


Turkish Kula Rug for SaleTurkish Kula Rug for Sale

Indian Wool Flatwoven Rug


9'6 x 11'9


Indian Wool Flatwoven Rug and Pad for SaleIndian Wool Flatwoven Rug and Pad for Sale

Indian Kasven Oriental Rug

2'7 x 7'11


Indian Kasven Oriental Rug for SaleIndian Kasven Oriental Rug for Sale

Wool Berber Style Flatwoven Rug

6'0 x 9'0


Wool Berber Style Flatwoven Rug for SaleWool Berber Style Flatwoven Rug for Sale

Indian Tabriz Oriental Rug

2'10 x 4'10


Indian Tabriz Oriental Rug for SaleIndian Tabriz Oriental Rug for Sale

Pakistan Oriental Rug

8'0 x 9'5


Pakistan Oriental Rug for SalePakistan Oriental Rug for Sale

Iranian Kazak Oriental Rug

6'7 x 10'2


Iranian Kazak for SaleIranian Kazak for Sale

Indian Oriental Rug

2'1 x 6'8


Indian Oriental Rug for SaleIndian Oriental Rug for Sale

Persian Sarouk Oriental Rug

9'2 x 11'3


Persian Sarouk Oriental Rug for SalePersian Sarouk Oriental Rug for Sale

Persian Bahktiari Oriental Rug

5'4 x 9'8


Persian Bahktiari Oriental Rug for SalePersian Bahktiari Oriental Rug for Sale

Kurdish Bidjar Oriental Rug

4'8 x 7'0


Kurdish Bidjar Oriental Rug for SaleKurdish Bidjar Oriental Rug for Sale

Wool Wilton Machine Made Rug

8'0 x 12'2


Wool Wilton Machine Made for SaleWool Wilton Machine Made for Sale

Braided Rug

3'0 x 5'2


Braided Rug for SaleBraided Rug for Sale

Hamadan Oriental Rug

2'5 x 9'10


Iranian Hamadan Oriental Rug for SaleIranian Hamadan Oriental Rug for Sale

Iranian Karajah Oriental Rug

3'0 x 3'9


Iranian Hamadan Oriental Rug

5'3 x 10'0


Iranian Hamadan Oriental Rug for SaleIranian Hamadan Oriental Rug for Sale

Synthetic Area Rug



Synthetic Area Rug for SaleSynthetic Area Rug for Sale

Indo Aubusson



Indo-Aubusson for SaleIndo-Aubusson for Sale

Tibetan Rug



Karastan Rug



Karastan Rug for SaleKarastan Rug for Sale

1930s Painted Persian Lilihan

Oriental Rug



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