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Washing Cushion Covers

Should you be washing cushion covers like normal laundry? We give you the answer and the reasons why here...

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Home Safety

Home safety, wherever we live, is one of our most important objectives. In this article we discuss a few things that can compromise our home safety, especially in the area of fire prevention...

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Baluchi Oriental Rugs

Baluchi oriental rugs have been and still are woven by the nomadic tribes of the Baluchi people located in the region now including SE Iran, W Pakistan and S Afghanistan. These small tribal rugs have many distinctive characteristics and yet each one is unique.

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ABC Newsletters

Access current and past ABC Newsletters here...

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ABC Newsletter - July 2018

Here is your July 2018 ABC Newsletter...Baluchi Oriental Rugs, Home Safety, Washing Cushion Covers at Home?, July Specials, etc...

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ABC Newsletter - June 2018

Here is your June 2018 ABC Newsletter...Persian Meshad Oriental Rugs, Moroccan Rug Problems, Paint Spill Cleanup, June Specials, etc...

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Pickup/Delivery Policy

ABC's Pickup/Delivery Policy

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ABC Oriental Rug|Ithaca|Cortland|Cazenovia|Skaneateles||Fayetteville|Dewitt

ABC Oriental Rug will wash and repair your oriental and area rugs in our own certified rug washing plant. We are the experts in rug washing and carpet and upholstery cleaning!

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Articles that will provide answers to your FAQs are presented here. If you cannot find your answers here, please contact us and we will do the research and add it to this page...

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Moroccan Rug Problems

Moroccan rug problems can include excessive shedding, noxious odors, and dye bleeding. These problems examined and solutions found. Learn what to look for and what to avoid...

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Meshad Oriental Rugs

Meshad oriental rugs are produced in the 2nd largest city in Iran. Both the Persian asymmetric and the Turkish symmetric, as well as the less common jufti knot can be found in these rugs. Learn more here..

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ABC Newsletter - May 2018

Here is your ABC Newsletter May 2018-Malayer Persian Oriental Rugs, History of US Carpet Manufacture, Home Health Hazards, May discounts, and more...

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Home Health Hazards

Here are some home health hazards to be aware of and what to do about them. 3 of them will be discussed here...dust mites, mold, and moths.

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US Carpet Manufacture

US carpet manufacture has an interesting history. Starting in the NE in 1791, the shift from the North to the South happened around 1950. Find out the how and why and more...

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Malayer Oriental Rugs

Malayer oriental rugs are unique in that they were able to choose characteristics from 2 of their weaving neighbors and create a rug distinctly their own.

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ABC Newsletter April 2018

Your ABC Newsletter for April 2018 - Persian Senneh Oriiental Rugs, Dog Myths Debunked, Spring Cleaning Yesterday and Today, etc...

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Dog Myths Debunked

Dog myths debunked examines some 'generally accepted as true' misconceptions about dogs. How many of these have you heard?

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning looks at the differences between the spring cleaning tasks of families in the 19th century and those of today. A look also at some of the inventions up through the early 20th century that helped to lighten the load a bit.

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Senneh Oriental Rugs

Antique Senneh oriental rugs were unique not as much for their fine designs as for their meticulous weaving technique, producing some of the finest and thinnest oriental rugs. Learn more about them and flatwoven Senneh kilims as well here...

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ABC Newsletter - August 2017

Your August 2017 ABC newsletter-Persian Bakhtiari Oriental Rugs, Child Labor in the Weaving Industry, Homemade Essential Oils Air Fresheners

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ABC Newsletter - November 2017

Your ABC Newsletter for November 2017 includes the following: Persian Nain Oriental Rugs, DIY Bedbug help, and information on Cleaning Granite Countertops...

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ABC Newsletter - February 2018

Here is your ABC Newsletter February 2018...Qum Oriental Rugs, Grout Sealing, Commercial Carpet Cleaning, RCAD Discounts for February...

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ABC Newsletter - March 2018

Here is your ABC Newsletter March 2018 - March is Area Rug Discount Month, Lilihan Oriental Rugs, Keeping Foods Fresh, Syracuse Home Show Exhibit, etc.

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Lilihan Oriental Rugs

Lilihan oriental rugs from Iran have had a long history, some of it a tragic one for the Armenian weavers of the 17th century. Learn more here...

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Keeping Foods Fresh

Keeping foods fresh after a trip to the grocery store for a day, week or month or more can save both time as money. Here are some tips... l;

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning is different from residential carpet cleaning. Here is why and what the different procedures are...

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Grout Sealing

Have you scheduled a tile and grout cleaning and wonder if you also need grout sealing? Find the answer here...

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Qum Oriental Rugs

Qum oriental rugs have only been woven since around the 1930s but today some of the most beautiful silk rugs are produced there. Learn more here...

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ABC Newsletter - January 2018

This newsletter includes the following articles...RCAD-What is it?, Hotel Horrors, Removing Furniture Scratches, The Legend of the Christmas Spider...

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Spider Myths

Spider myths abound. Which are true? Which are now? Are spiders our enemies or our friends, find out here...

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