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Dosemealti Oriental Rugs

Dosemealti oriental rugs are woven in the Dosemealti region of Anatolia in Southern Turkey. The rugs have many identifying characteristics. Learn more here...

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Fire Prevention Week

Fire prevention week is October 6-12, 2019. Here are some safety tips.

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Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is a uniquely North American treat which also happens to be very nutritious. Find out more here.

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Turkish Rug Motifs

Turkish rug motifs carry valuable traditional messages from the depths of history to the present. Learn more here...

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Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs have been woven in the area that is now the Republic of Turkey for centuries. A short overview and some examples...

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ABC Newsletters

Access current and past ABC Newsletters here...

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ABC Newsletter - September 2019

Here is your September 2019 Newsletter: Kayseri Oriental Rugs,Turkish Rug Motifs, Indoor Air Quality, and more...

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ABC Newsletter - August 2019

Here is your August 2019 Newsletter: Hereke Oriental Rugs, Buying Rugs in Turkey, Minimalism, and more...

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Hereke Oriental Rugs

Hereke oriental rugs from Turkey are high quality rugs with a unique construction and designs taken from Turkey and Persia as well as from Egypt. Learn more...

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a very important environmental consideration. Find out how to control the indoor air quality in your home...

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ABC Oriental Rug|Ithaca|Cortland|Cazenovia|Skaneateles||Fayetteville|Dewitt

ABC Oriental Rug will wash and repair your oriental and area rugs in our own certified rug washing plant. We are the experts in rug washing and carpet and upholstery cleaning!

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Minimalism is the art of letting go of things that interfere with how we wish to spend our time. Find out the benefits and how to start...

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Buying Rugs in Turkey

Buying rugs in Turkey? Here is some know how to take with you...

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ABC Newsletter - July 2019

Here is your July 2019 Newsletter: Turkish Rugs, Hot Dogs!, Fireworks Safety, Residential Carpet Styles, and more...

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Fireworks Safety

Fireworks safety comes up every year with the advent of our much-loved tradition of the July 4th holiday and they can and should be used safely. But beware...

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Karabagh Rugs

Karabagh rugs have been woven for a very long history.The Karabgh region was at one time the most significant rug-producing centers of the world...

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Afshar Oriental Rugs

Afshar Oriental rugs are woven by nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes in south central Iran. The art of weaving has been passed on through multiple generations. Find out more here...

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Residential Carpet Styles

The number of residential carpet styles available today can be overwhelming. Let us show you there are really 4 main categories...

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Hot Dogs

July 4th and hot dogs. As American as apple pie. Here are some fun facts about July 4th and hot dogs.

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Sisal Natural Fiber

Sisal natural fiber for commercial use saw a resurgence in the early 21st century after synthetics took over in the 1980s and 90s. Learn more about sisal here...

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Upholstery Fabric ID

Upholstery fabric ID can provide a consumer with the crucial information needed to make an informed purchase decision. Learn more here...

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ABC Newsletter - June 2019

Here is your May 2019 Newsletter: Derbend Oriental Rugs, Upholstery Fabric ID, Sisal Natural Fiber and more...

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Derbend Oriental Rugs

Derbend oriental rugs are one of the notable rugs produced in the Northern Caucasus mountains in what is now the Russian Republic of Dagestan. Learn more here...

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Talish Oriental Rugs

Talish oriental rugs are important antique rugs of the Southern Caucasus region, easily recognized by their distinctive shape and design. Find out more here...

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Shirvan Oriental Rugs

Shirvan oriental rugs were and are produced in the Shirvan region, which is part of modern-day Azerbaijan. Learn more about the Southern Caucasus Shirvan oriental rugs here...

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Moghan Oriental Rugs

Moghan oriental rugs were one of the more familiar of the Southern Caucasian rugs which included the Kazak, Karabagh, Gendje, Talish, and Shirvan. Find out all about them here...

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Kuba Oriental Rugs

Kuba oriental rugs are named for the region of Kuba (Quba), located in modern-day Azerbaijan. Learn about this highly collectible antique rug in its many forms.

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Kazak Oriental Rugs

Kazak oriental rugs are a tribal rug from the Caucasus region. They feature large, bold geometric patterns with bright colors. Learn more about antique Kazak rugs as well as those made today...

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Coir Natural Fiber

Coir natural fiber (pronounced COY-er) is familiar to most of us as the material used to construct coarse, wiry outside doormats as well as the coarse fiber liners found in hanging flower baskets. But it is so much more...

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