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Persian Gabbeh Rugs

Persian Gabbeh rugs have a long history but there were many reasons why they were relatively unknown in the U.S. market until about 50 years ago...

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Articles that will provide answers to your FAQs are presented here. If you cannot find your answers here, please contact us and we will do the research and add it to this page...

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ABC Newsletters

Access current and past ABC Newsletters here...

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ABC Newsletter - June 2017

Your ABC Newsletter for June 2017-Kashan Oriental Rugs, Flood Damage Restoration, Introducing New & Economical Rug Pads...

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ABC Newsletter - May 2017

Your ABC Newsletter for May 2017-Tabriz Oriental Rugs, Carpet Cleaning at ABC, Tile & Grout Cleaning at ABC...

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ABC Oriental Rug|Ithaca|Cortland|Cazenovia|Skaneateles||Fayetteville|Dewitt

ABC Oriental Rug will wash and repair your oriental and area rugs in our own certified rug washing plant. We are the experts in rug washing and carpet and upholstery cleaning!

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ABC Products

These are the products we have available for sale for our customers at ABC...

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Flood Damage Restoration

The flood damage restoration information in this articale can help answer the question: Help! We’ve had a flood and my carpets and rugs are soaked! What should I do?

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Kashan Oriental Rugs

Kashan oriental rugs have an easily identifiable design that has remained pretty much unchanged for centuries. This article describes these rugs...

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Carpet Cleaning at ABC

Carpet cleaning at ABC has been one of the mainstays of our business. Here is some of our history and some FAQs...

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Tabriz Oriental Rugs

Tabriz oriental rugs are woven with such diversity of designs, construction, and materials, it can be a difficult task to identify them by design alone. Here are some helpful hints...

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ABC Newsletter - April 2017

Your ABC Newsletter for March 2017-We Sell Rugs on Consignment, Rug Cleaning at ABC, Rug Repair at ABC...

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Rugs on Consignment

We sell rugs on consignment. What this means for the seller, the buyer, and ABC. Consignment policy spelled out.

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Rug Repair Services at ABC

Rug repair services at ABC...the different types of rugs we repair and a description of the repairs...

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Area Rug Cleaning at ABC

Rug cleaning at our ABC plant includes all types of hand made and machine-made rugs area rugs. Our procedures explained here...

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ABC Newsletter - March 2017

Your ABC Newsletter for March 2017-Bijar Oriental Rugs, Sleeping With Pets, Good Idea or Bad?, Pet Hair Removal Tips and more...

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for ABC Oriental Rug & Carpet Cleaning Co. - See how we rate with our customers...

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Pickup/Delivery Policy

ABC's Pickup/Delivery Policy

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Windowsill Herb Water Garden

A windowsill herb water garden is beautiful and so handy for the cook of the house. Learn how to successfully grow herbs in water...

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Fridge Counter or Pantry Storage

Fridge, counter or pantry storage? Which groceries go where? Learn the best place to store your groceries so they last longer and taste better, saving you time and money...

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Kerman Oriental Rug

The Kerman Oriental rug, a Persian city rug has had a long history. This history and the designs and construction of the rug are discussed here...

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Pet Hair Removal

Constant pet hair removal is one of the most frustrating challenges we face when we make the decision to share our homes with our furry friends. Here are some tips...

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ABC Newsletter - september 2016

Your ABC Newsletter - September 2016. The topic is Navaho Weaving...

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ABC Newsletter - November 2016

Your ABC Newsletter - November 2016 Heriz Oriental Rug Design, Plastics-Know Your Plastics, Reduce Plastic Waste, Plastic Recycling Codes

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ABC Newsletter - June 2016

Your ABC Newsletter - June 2016

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ABC Newsletter - July 2016

Your ABC Newsletter - July 2016. The topic is Do It Yourself Green Cleaning.

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ABC Newsletter - January 2017

Your ABC Newsletter for January 2017 - Sarouk Oriental Rug Design, Obsession With Cleanliness? A Healthy Cleaning Environment vs. Harmful Everyday Products...

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ABC Newsletter - February 2017

Your ABC Newsletter for February 2017-Bijar Oriental Rugs, Sleeping With Pets, Good Idea or Bad?, Pet Hair Removal Tips and more...

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ABC Newsletter - December 2016

Your ABC Newsletter - December 2016 - Bokhara Oriental Design, Air Purifying Houseplants, Toxic Air Purifying Houseplants

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ABC Newsletter - August 2016

Your ABC Newsletter - August 2016. The topic is ABC's 3 Top Cleaning Services in homes and businesses...

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